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Minions Up!

Winners of the Be My Minion Contest are now up at the Greywalker Forum and on my main website. Even if you’re not an official minion, you can join in the discussion at the forum.

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Well, after quite a bit of asking around and looking into stuff (in spite of one commenter’s belief that I was going to slack on this, this has been the plan since the beginning) we have found a well-respected local … Continue reading

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Stairs, Stairs, and More Stairs!

Today was another stair-climbing day for Bella and me. Bella seems to really like the stairs at Golden Gardens when she starts up, then casts me looks of mixed frustration and despair as they just keep on going and going … Continue reading

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Independent Rear Suspension

I originally wrote this in November 2000, but I still find it ridiculously funny and nothing about the silliness of ferrets has changed at all in eleven years, so here it is again and at last…. I used to have … Continue reading

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Terrible Twos

It appears that Pupzilla has hit the Terrible Twos–two weeks that is. As we enter our second week of Bella-in-residence, she’s become a total terror. Just look what she did to her teddy: Teddy has gotten worse since then: he’s … Continue reading

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Fridge! (plus friends and dogs)

Today we finally got the elusive fridge. It took quite a bit of weird paper chasing, phone calls and other insanity, but the order was confirmed and delivered to Fisheries Supply on Thursday. We were told we could pick it … Continue reading

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Toys and the Vet (PUPdate #2)

Yesterday was rough (for me): Bella got some new toys and promptly sat down to chew them raw. She wasn’t very successful with the blue bow tie tug-toy: But the red-handled rope toy… Has already gained some serious damage to … Continue reading

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Postal Orifice

I’m a bit put out with the US Postal Service at the moment. Specifically a unit in Toledo Ohio. Here’s why: I received a box from a fan with two mass market paperbacks inside that my fan wanted signed and … Continue reading

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PUPdate #1

Bella (Bella-Dogga or Pupzilla as she is sometimes known, just because it’s fun to say), has been settling in nicely. Apparently she’s perfectly happy to do her “business” outside so long as you get her there first thing in the … Continue reading

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A Dog Takes Up Residence

It appears that I’ve adopted a dog. Well, and Mr. Kat too, because while I’m obviously Numero Uno, I’m going to need a little help. Remember the dog that appears in Underground… the pit-bull mix which accidentally got named after … Continue reading

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