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I get around

The fabulous May has a tiny interview with moi up at her site: miladyinsanity and an extract which is not available anywhere else, as well as a contest at the bottom of the extract. Wheeee! (See, I’m as weird as … Continue reading

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The Truth About Cons

OK, so… I was at Pacific Northwest Writers Summer Conference this past weekend–wow! A few years ago I was very put off by the organization, but under the direction of current President Pam Binder, it’s really turned around for the … Continue reading

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Whoohoo for Caitlin!

My buddy Caitlin has an Amazon listing at last: Night Life (Nocturne City #1) by Caitlin Kittredge. I’m so happy for her!  (All my friends deserve coolness.)

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I’d Like to Be… Under the Sea…

With nods to the fabulous Jen. I’m really… well… umm… that is to say…. You’ll have to make up your own mind about cephalopodic playscapes. Though it makes me wonder: is this the strange confluence of tentacle porn and day … Continue reading

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Penguin chat

My blithering about the origins of Greywalker is featured on the Penguin Science Fiction and Fantasy website this week/month/whatever. No wonder pre-sale is going up….

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Done, done, done, done, fucking well done! Underground is its official title and it’s 407 pages on screen, 98,000 words in length–the shortest Greywalker novel first draft to date by almost 10,000 words. I was up until 4 a.m. with … Continue reading

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I just finished the penultimate chapter of Underground–current word count: 94,817. Now all that remains is the final chapter with confrontation and resolution and the epilogue which is usually very short and probably not necessary, but… some people like them … Continue reading

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Now this kind of writing is why Ms. Le Guin is a goddess of the SF pantheon: On Serious Literature. Have to admire that gimlet turn of phrase. Read on and laugh your ass off. I dare you not to.

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Sometimes things work out

Like… I’m sending the [spoiler] into the marsh which I have figured for a cool location for a chase and fight scene and I think “wouldn’t it be cool if there really was some connection to the local Indians [more … Continue reading

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Hot Fuzzies!

Just a sudden impulse to be horribly cute–no relation to the recent film starring Simon Pegg. I give you pics of the ferrets trying to beat the heat: First they try the shelter method, but the paper bags seem to … Continue reading

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Tonight youse sleeps wid de flowers

OK, this is just weird. I’m walking home from the grocery with a bag of cat food and cookies and as I pass the Cafe near the marina, I see a woman walking around and looking at the planter in … Continue reading

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Sooo… last week we went with some friends to see Ratatouille. It was fun! What’s not to like? It’s a film about a cute rat. It’s about the value of friendship and family, it’s about following your dream and it’s … Continue reading

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