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Jack Seems to be Recovering….

Finally a new Daily Dog. I took this a couple of days ago while Jack was still on his meds and supposed to be “convalescing.” Yeah… like slowing down is ever going to happen with this pup. As you can … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Wiggle-Butt

Very pleased to say that the vet says Jack looks great and everything seems to be coming along very well. We’re reducing his pain meds and increasing the warm compresses to take down the edema which has now moved down … Continue reading

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And now the itching has begun… Jack is finding the punctures and the shaved portion of his head very itchy and has stated scratching, then wincing from his paw as he touches the swollen bits of his face. Time to … Continue reading

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Jack is home from the hospital. He’s very puffy and patchy looking because parts of his head, neck, and face had to be shaved to assess the damage from Bella snapping at his face. The initial worry was that she’d … Continue reading

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Pupdate: Jack Puppikins Has a Rough Day

It’s been a rough couple of days in puppyland. Jack Puppikins (secret agent 00Poo of K9) discovered that attempting to teethe on a cage sometimes gets your teeth caught in the bars and screaming about it only upsets your big … Continue reading

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Puppy Follies

Jack the puppy knows he’s seriously cute. This is the only reason he–and Bella–are both still alive today. We got very little sleep last night, getting up every 2 hours to take him outside to “take a break” and still … Continue reading

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Puppy Imminent

Well, if all goes well, I’ll be picking this little guy up from the shelter on Wednesday and bringing him home. At the moment he’s just referred to as “Little Dude,” because, being a Californian, I call everyone “dude” and … Continue reading

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PUPdate: Benched!

We’ve been directed by her vet to “bench” Bella for the next three weeks (no running, long walks, or jumping around) to reduce inflammation of the muscles in the elbow and shoulder of her right foreleg. Needless to say, this … Continue reading

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PUPdate: Green Bunny

Bella’s been having a bit of a sore leg lately, so she tires easily. Even stuffed bunnies have more stamina. See:

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The Writer’s Dog in January

So… it’s snowing in Seattle which is unusual. And Bella, so far as we know, has never seen snow before since she’s only three and I don’t recall that we’ve had snow in the city in about that many years. … Continue reading

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PUPdate: Bella Romps Free!

I’m so happy! Bella played with other dogs today, off leash, in the big yard at the dog park! This doesn’t sound unusual until you realize that when we got her in June she couldn’t even see another dog without … Continue reading

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I’m scrambling about doing laundry and writing and finishing up some mailing before I head for Los Angeles for Tuesday’s Downpour signing at Barnes and Noble at the Grove. Also, having a interesting time with Bella the Wicked, who is … Continue reading

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