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A Good Day in Katlandia

A little piece I wrote about legalizing ferrets in California has been published online at Kings River Life Magazine! I also got a box full of Possession paperbacks! Wheee!

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All About the Ferrets

I’m sure a lot of you know I’m a fan of ferrets and a supporter of Ferret Legalization in California (my home state and one of only 2 states in the US where ferrets are illegal as pets.) So, of … Continue reading

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Independent Rear Suspension

I originally wrote this in November 2000, but I still find it ridiculously funny and nothing about the silliness of ferrets has changed at all in eleven years, so here it is again and at last…. I used to have … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Taz

The last of our ferrets died today. Now we are petless. I feel horrible

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Ferret Finds Spoon

Rode the motorcycle for the first time today (new helmet and all) and had coffee with Andi Schechter. Then had to rush home to medicate Taz the ferret. Since he was being lazy, he decided to take his spoonful of … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Ferret Pix

Time for bathing beauty! Taz haz taken a bath (see pix under cut):

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People actually read this stuf…

It appears I should blog substantively more often: my views and linkage have sky rocketed since I started actually saying something. Huh. Imagine that. And that brings up a thought not unconnected to recent web discussions about blogging and promotion … Continue reading

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My ferret overlord

All right, who made me ferret-slave? Not only does the ferret’s medication and feeding schedule rule my life at the moment, but he’s now decided that the only way he’ll eat the perfectly nummy ferret kibbles he used to gobble … Continue reading

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Like a Kick to the Gut

Dexter, our dear old ferret, is no more.  We went to the vet this morning for his usual shot, but his condition had so badly deteriorated that it was pointless.  Lots of medical discussion later, I had to decide if … Continue reading

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Rising from the Dead… or almost

Taz the ferret has not been a happy camper lately. He has a fun disease, insulinoma, which basically boils down to severe hypoglycemia because he has too much insulin–the opposite of diabetes essentially, but in this case caused by a … Continue reading

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A Very Mixed Day

So this being one of my free days at home before I go off to Minnesota, I had a lot of things to do. First a trip to the vet for annual Ferret exams which were… mixed. Dexter, the nine-year-old … Continue reading

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Two to Go…

Just two days until the release! OMG! Meanwhile, the folks at Ferrets Anonymous in California have redesigned and relaunched their website after several years of neglect–here’s hoping it’s a sign of coming positive change for ferrets in California.

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