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Because I am a truly silly person and because I have friends who, like me, love words, I’ve started a seriously silly (and sillily serious) Face Book group called Writers for the Advancement of “Kerfuffle” (and other marvelous words). So, … Continue reading

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Go, Kaz!

I’m just so happy I have to post: My internet buddy Kaz Mahoney is now… Under contract to be published! Flux is taking her book, The Iron Witch, and the as-yet unwritten sequel and I’m so happy for her! She’s … Continue reading

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Anne Sowards for the Win!

My editor reports happy ending to the title controversy: After much discussion, the title LABYRINTH is being reinstated for Greywalker #5. Kudos to the publisher for taking the risk on possible confusion in exchange for a title to die for. … Continue reading

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Dazed, but Less Confused

I’m still kind of in a daze about the tour. Some of it was fantastic, some was so-so, and I’m still not sure how it all went. But I’m home, rested, and back in the writing saddle. Have been granted … Continue reading

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Radio on Archive

If you missed hearing it live, the Write On Radio! interview from this morning on KFAI FM Minneapolis/St. Paul is heading into their archive, so if you want to hear it, just go to the Archive and scroll down until … Continue reading

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Radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Apparently I’m going to be on live radio tomorrow (Thursday Sept 10) in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Had a lovely time on a whirlwind tour date there last year, so have a warm fuzzy feeling for the place now. Anyhow, Write On … Continue reading

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Onward! To Atlanta!

I’m off for Dragon*Con in Atlanta in a few hours–7 am flight. I meant to post more between now and the last leg of the tour, but I’ve been putting my efforts into the manuscript and I hope you will … Continue reading

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