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Ah, Amazon…

With all the current kerfuffle about Amazon’s removal of Macmillan books from their virtual sales "floor" (they aren’t refusing to list the books offered by their associates, only to list Macmillian in their own sales space which is their right,) … Continue reading

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A Drop of the Crature and some critters, too

Been an odd few days here in Katlandia. Lots of laundry, lots of mind-changing about short stories I need to write, lots of updates and changes to the upcoming site relaunch… Yesterday, I stepped out to deal with laundry and … Continue reading

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Polish Poser

Nifty stuff has been lying around in Poland… My Polish publisher’s site has some kind of Flash thing here that pops up a gigantic, cropped version of their cover art from Greywalker. I can’t figure out what it’s for though. … Continue reading

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Contest and Site Updates

Been beavering away on site updates and the revamped website at katrichardson/ should be relaunched on (or about depending on DNS propigation) February First. That’s this coming Monday! Thanks to Eric and Thea (the amazing Thing One) it’s pretty pretty … Continue reading

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I turned the revised manuscript in to my editor a week ago and for the first time in this series, I really wanted to hop straight into development on the next book right away. But I can’t since I have … Continue reading

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My fabulous Minion, Thea Maia has made some fan art for my book, Vanished. Here is her version of the Hardy Tree: The Hardy Tree Vortex by Thea Maia – on Is that not amazing?

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Reluctantly Adult….

Or not so much. I’m now a member of the League of Reluctant Adults! The most fabulous mob of blogging Urban Fantasy writers ANYWHERE! No, that doesn’t mean I won’t blog here, too, but there will be more fun stuff … Continue reading

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