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Well… That’s Done (mostly)

I have completed the technical review of the copyedit on Possession. I still need to fix a timeline problem–minor, but persistent throughout the manuscript–and write the acknowledgments and author’s notes, but I’m damn-near done! (Thank the gods!) And I must … Continue reading

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A Bad Situation for Writers

I’m sure you guys know I rarely talk about “the business.” I think about it a lot, but I rarely manage to say the things I have on my mind before someone like John Scalzi, Jim C. Hines, Charles Stross … Continue reading

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In Which Someone is Very Nice to Me

While I was out this morning, Paul Goat Allen said a lot of nice things over at the Barnes and Noble book club blog about some paranormal fantasy books, including mine. Thanks, Paul! And congrats to my buddies Cherie Priest, … Continue reading

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Almost Locked

Just received copyedits on POSSESSION. This is the final editing stage before it goes off to compositing and no more changes can be made. Due back April 1 (no, joke.)

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Bella G. Robinson

Bella does her Edward G. Robinson impression:

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And it only just started….

It’s 11 am and I’m finally finishing off my breakfast and having coffee. Took Bella with me to the Mailbox, bank, gas station, pet store and then home, totally forgetting to eat anything until we got back. Bella didn’t mind … Continue reading

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That was unexpected….

Well… they accepted our offer. So long as inspection and loan business go OK we may have a house soon. Um… I’m actually flabbergasted. And scared. I’ve never made a purchase of this magnitude or taken on a debt of … Continue reading

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House, house… c’mere house….

Went out to see houses today. Saw 8 (total seen since October is now 44), liked 2, offered on most expensive (and gorgeous) of the “likes”. Not expecting to get it as it is at the top of my price … Continue reading

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