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Staggering with relief

And… it’s done: the receipts and bits of paper and electronic mummery are all found, documented, input, tallied, and saved to a very large and detailed spreadsheet for the accountant to rip apart on Thursday. So, now I can… umm… … Continue reading

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Science Fiction and Romance

I just finished reading an advance copy of GHOST PLANET by Sharon Lynn Fisher and I’m so pleased with it I’m going to make a bit of noise here: it’s *wonderful!* It’s an SF Romance novel where both the Science … Continue reading

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Someone You Should Read

As fans of mine looking for more good stuff to read, here’s someone you should probably be keeping an eye on: Robin K. MacPherson. No, he’s not a big name–he’s barely even published–but he’s got the right attitude and the … Continue reading

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Gears on the Brain

My right hand, wrist, and fingers are sore and slightly swollen from all the paper-bending Wednesday. And last night I dreamed of gears–all sorts of gears made of paper and brass: reduction gears, bevel gears, rack-and-pinion gears, chain-drive gears, friction … Continue reading

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Moving Paper part 2

Continuing with the paper automata: After the first experiment with the Simple Crank Slider mechanism, I decided to try heavier card and a more ambitious model. Once again I went to Rob Ives’s site and downloaded a popular and apparently-simple … Continue reading

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Moving Paper part 1

To get a better understanding of basic automata for a writing project in progress. I don’t really have the space or money for a wood or metal workshop, so, although there are some differences due to the materials, the basics … Continue reading

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Forays into Automata

I’ve finished my first two paper automata. Crouching over a coffee table to score, cut, bend, paste, and assemble is rather backbreaking and I’m currently wandering around looking like an old woman. Of course, allowing the dog to sit behind … Continue reading

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