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Stuff That Comes Into My So-Called Mind

the following is a list of random ideas that have popped into my head or late night discussion within the past 24 hours: racing slugs and slime-bys radulation (what slugs do instead of licking/biting) a portentous gown/dress labyrinths and Greek … Continue reading

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Houston, We Have a Signing….

Well, a large part of scheduling is now over: the publisher’s end is wrapped up with the finalization of signing details for August 15th at Murder by the book in Houston TX. Now it’s up to JJ and I to … Continue reading

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Long Strange Trips on teh Intarwebs

Sooo… first there was a post by Warren Ellis that led to the Pubcrawler, a bicycle powered mobile bar in London. That got me thinking about the local “spider bike” we frequently see crawling down the Burke-Gilman in good weather, … Continue reading

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Vanished Excerpt is Live!

With many thanks to my hubby for making the system do what I wanted, not what I said, there is finally an excerpt and cover up for Vanished. Whoohoo! A few other things were tweaked (like more covers added to … Continue reading

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Ferret Finds Spoon

Rode the motorcycle for the first time today (new helmet and all) and had coffee with Andi Schechter. Then had to rush home to medicate Taz the ferret. Since he was being lazy, he decided to take his spoonful of … Continue reading

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Farewell, Mr. Rand

I’m very saddened to discover that writer and teacher Ken Rand died last night. I met him at my first pro con and along with other Northwest writers Ken Scholes and Louise Marley, he was the among the first of … Continue reading

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Children’s Book Contest

While I know a lot of authors, I also know a lot of folks who aspire to be published authors and run around madly one month out of the year after being a hermit who lives with their laptop the … Continue reading

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Trick Photography

I have just returned from the mailbox in which I found a Notice of Infraction from the Seattle PD’s Photo Enforcement unit. It’s a photo of my car on the morning of April 9th making a legal right turn at … Continue reading

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Writing Quote of the Day

I just love this… the question was “What is it about writing you enjoy so much?” (over at the Ravenous Romance magic bus tour.) Inara LaVey: It’s the ultimate power trip. “I created you, I can destroy you! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!” Plus … Continue reading

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The Carpenter’s View of Woodworking

It occurred to me recently that as a writer who constantly hopes to improve, a great deal of reading is now much less enjoyable than it used to be. You start to see the seams and joints, the structures, the … Continue reading

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Writers on the Rampage!

My darling buddy Dana Fredsti is kicking off the blog tour for the Ravenous Romance Ornery Eleven today at her blog, Zhadi’s Den. If you like your romance hot, hot, hot, it’s the place to be this weekend. The blog … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Ferret Pix

Time for bathing beauty! Taz haz taken a bath (see pix under cut):

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