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Slouching Toward Write-a-Thon

I have managed to claw my way to 2,207 words on the SF project, which puts me back on normal word count, but not back on track for my Clarion West Write-a-Thon goal. I’ll have to work pretty hard to … Continue reading

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The Domain

Bella surveys her domain from the front porch. Also, I haven’t made much progress on my Clarion West Write-a-Thon goals, yet, but I’m hoping to make up for my miserable 200-word performance of yesterday with tonight’s work.

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Oh Deer

This young lady took a stroll along the edge of my road this evening. She’s not the first deer we’ve seen near the house–she’s the second–but she was the first to just keep on about her business within arm’s reach … Continue reading

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Ready, Fence! (en garde and all that crap)

We do finally have a fence, at last! (click for larger images, as usual.) Well the yard is fenced. The dog run/well access is still in progress. Bella followed us around all day as Mr. Kat and I added the … Continue reading

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Write On!

I now have a donation/writer page at the Clarion West Write-a-Thon site. It includes an excerpt from the on-spec novel–which is not a Greywalker book. Should you… you know… want to see what I’m up to or something….

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Write, Write, Writer

All right, so… I joined the Clarion West Write-a-thon. And there’s a pledge pending if they reach 300 writers for this year, so… go sign up or support your favorite writer! (You can also look up my write-a-thon page at … Continue reading

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Coming Along

The posts went up for the fence today and we’ll get the rest of the cement pour done tomorrow, so there may be an enclosed, secure yard for Bella to romp in within a week. It’s taken a lot to … Continue reading

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