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Small is Hard

I’ve been working on a caper screenplay and I never thought I’d say this: the screenplay is kicking my ass. I’m usually big and detailed with description and that’s one thing you can’t be in this format. Nor can you … Continue reading

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Such Company!

Oh my goose! I made a list: The Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi Blogs “Nightmare Noir” list “6 Gritty Supernatural Crime Novels” and the company is amazing! (Also, that’s my first book right there on the banner!–See Kat Squeeeee like a … Continue reading

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Message in a Bottle

Took PuppyJack for this first ever walk on the beach. The beach just north of Kingston Ferry Dock is remarkably clean and not much peopled on a Monday morning, so the bright blue of this vodka bottle stood out. I … Continue reading

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Writer in Hell

In the course of nine published novels, a novella, about a dozen published shorts, and innumerable unpublished bits and pieces (read: crap and trunk work) I’ve never had a character go rogue on me. I am not one of those … Continue reading

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