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Old Skool–thats me

Someone recently told me I wrote "old school urban fantasy." It comes as a revelation to me that there even is an "old school" for urban fantasy, but apparently that’s not only true, I’m in it. Hell I’m even "old … Continue reading

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I’m aghast: I’m watching my mail client download the mail. I checked 30 minutes ago and got 20 messages–mostly spam–now, I’m watching it download 4032. Yes. Four-thousand, thirty-two. I may be sick….

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Rising from the Dead… or almost

Taz the ferret has not been a happy camper lately. He has a fun disease, insulinoma, which basically boils down to severe hypoglycemia because he has too much insulin–the opposite of diabetes essentially, but in this case caused by a … Continue reading

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Team Seattle Ramage!

Yes, in case you didn’t already know, the wild and wacky group that is Team Seattle now has a MySpace Page and a Facebook page for all your social networking needs. Yes, we beez crazy.

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As today’s meme appears to be “take a photo of yourself looking ordinary,” here is mine: Yes, I’m coming out of the closet (the water closet) because it’s the only place you can stand and not fall down while you … Continue reading

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It seems I did my right elbow an injury back in June and now have persistent tennis elbow. My doctor is advising I learn to use my mouse left-handed, so I’m giving it a try, but I have to say… … Continue reading

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Big Time Happy

Two Very Good Things happened today: I am within spitting distance of the half-way mark on the mansucript (48,300 words of a projected 100,000) and it’s going faster. Our friends Mike and Sharon Sheffield are now grandparents! And we started … Continue reading

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Sentence of the Day

Yes it’s my own, but I have to admit, I like this bit that I wrote today: It was the sort of phone call that causes some people to go to the office with fully automatic weapons and a bag … Continue reading

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Her Master’s Voice…?

I just got the news: Recorded Books LLC is releasing the audio version of Greywalker September 23! Hurray!

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I can haz forum!

My buddy Blue Ninja, from my Thief-gaming days, has started a fan forum for the Greywalker books. Appropriately it’s hosted at an RPG gaming site: Greywalker – Forums. Looks like fun, yes? Go, go! Register! Chat!

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The Onion Whisperer!

Oh those naughty people at the Onion! Looky what they did: Being A Detective Who Talks To Ghosts Not As Exciting As It Looks On TV You’d think they’d been peeking over my shoulder and taking notes! I am laughing … Continue reading

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Petty, petty, petty… but mine!

Yeah, OK, so… I’m being acquisitive. Yesterday, it being both Labor Day and the last month of this fiscal quarter, I decided to pretty up by laboring environment by buying a new laptop. I didn’t actually need it, but I … Continue reading

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