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Really, I Could Have Done Without….

The timing on the Google Settlement opt-out/objection deadline. I put it off before since I was at the tail end of copyedits, proofs, first conventions, and taxes. Now it has come back around and the deadline to say “fuck off … Continue reading

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Is This an Alarm Clock I See Before Me…?

Seems I haven’t had much more than 6 hours of sleep any night this month, so I’m still a bit out of it, and the running around is keeping me from being articulate. As soon as I manage to catch … Continue reading

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This Has Been Interesting

All right, so… the tour so far: Tuesday night I got on a Virgin America flight to LAX. I was looking forward to it as the description of the plane and amenities on board sounded pretty good. Alas, due to … Continue reading

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I’m Never Home…

In August it seems like I’m always just home long enough to do my laundry and pack to run again. Leaving tomorrow night for California and many signings and running about. Here’s what I’ll be up to: Friday Aug 21: … Continue reading

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Heading for Houston

In just a couple of hours I shall be standing in line at SeaTac’s security cordon, hoping I remembered to remove all the pointy things and squishy gel things from my bag so I can hop on a plane to … Continue reading

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Writing in England

Still more of me babbling about Vanished. This time it’s my author’s note for the UK Edition which is now up at the Piatkus/Little Brown site.

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More books to win

There’s another interview with li’l ol moi up at Midnight Moon Cafe and you can enter by midnight this Friday to win any book from my backlist. Nifty yes? Yes! So go, go… what are you waiting for?

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Rather Nice, If I Say so Myself

I got the news from Eddie at the agency when I got home from Portland, that the new releases are doing quite well. It’s not the NYT bestseller list, but it doesn’t suck for Vanished to be #4 Hardcover Fantasy … Continue reading

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Doubtful of Winning This

It appears Vanished is up in a poll at Bitten By Books for most anticipated book of August. Not only is the competition really stiff but a lot of them are friends of mine and I certainly want to read … Continue reading

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Heading for Oregon!

I’m off tomorrow to drive to Oregon for a signing on Tuesday night at the Powell’s in Beaverton at 7 p.m. Why leave so early? Well…. I have a radio interview at 10 am on Tuesday and I want to … Continue reading

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The Stupid: It Burns Usss!

Well… It wasn’t an entirely wasted evening: we got to have a good time making fun of the movie afterward. G.I. Joe is shiny, but it starts out with the intelligence and verve of a mildly athletic eight-year-old and gets … Continue reading

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I Can Haz Google Calendar?

Apparently I can. So if you have a google account, you can now track the Kat News by either joining the Kat News mailing list, or adding my calendar to yours (kat.rchrdsn[at] Of course the appearances page on the main … Continue reading

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