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London Travelogue, Day the Fifth

In which we take our leave of Ipswich and return to London, where we discover some very unlikley animals. On Monday the 11th of May, we turn ourselves out of bed at our hosts lovely home and do the laundry. … Continue reading

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More Manic Talking

Hey dudes and dudes! I’m busy being wicked chatty at the My Favorite Books blog. Liz and Mark are very cool, so do drop in–and if you live in the UK, there are even competition prizes! double-plus W00t!

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London Travelogue, Days the Third and Fourth

In which Mr Kat and I travel to Ipswich by “coach”–which is known as a bus to us Yanks–and have a lovely time at a Ruby Wedding Anniversary party. (Warning: many pictures!) To get to Ipswich we first have to … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast–and Comment

This morning I got a new version of the Underground cover from my editor. I’m not as crazy about it, but, hey, I’m a writer, not a graphic artist. So… I thought I’d ask what you guys think. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Post Birthday

Mr. Kat was very good about the movie and didn’t say a thing–I think he even liked it the second time around and it’s a fun movie–not as good as Raiders or Last Crusade, but a huge step up over … Continue reading

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May 22, 2008

Today is my birthday. Mr.Kat is going to see the new Indiana Jones movie during work with the IT team as today is “IT Fun Day!” Wankers. Said Mr. Kat was supposed to take me. Phooey. He says he can … Continue reading

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London Travelogue, Day the Second

So, after rising from our squeaky bed and taking showers in the large, but inconveniently shelfless shower, Mr. Kat and I head out for brekkie, which is finally had at a little sandwich shop called the Gran Sasso on Caledonian … Continue reading

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London Travelogue, Day the First

On day one, Wednesday May 7th, we travel to London and arrive on Thursday May 8th. Hmmm…. After a certain amount of faffing about with a nice enough fellow at the Heathrow Underground Information desk, we acquire Oyster Cards with … Continue reading

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From the UK. As soon as I get some sleep and do a few other little chores like that, I’ll try to get the travelogue blogs up and other things…

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Run Away!

Me, that is. Yes, my lovelies (but not, we hope “Delicate UnderLovelies”*) I’m off to England in a few hours. Of course, I won’t arrive there until Thursday, but that’s just part of the fun of International Datelines. I am … Continue reading

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Before I Go: Fab Authors on Tour!

As I’m finishing up the prep for England, I am reminded that you guys need someone to love while I’m out of town. So my advice is: get yourselves to Portland! Yup, my fabulous friends Richelle Mead and Caitlin Kittredge … Continue reading

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Holy Good News, Batman!

What a very good morning it is! I was up until 02:30 finishing the novella (at 30,856 words total) and sending it to my editor and agent for review. The last stretch was 6,800 words over 14 hours–not a record … Continue reading

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