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Bella is, as usual, getting into trouble. She wanted this branch so badly, she got tangled in it, but she doesn’t care. (as always, click for larger images.) “what?” No, seriously. What? Hehehe… yes, I love my dog.

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Well and Truly Done

Finished up the Pro- and Epilogues today on Possession–adding 1,172 words–spell checked the document and sent it to editor, agent, and beta readers. Greywalker #8 is now completely out of my hands until they are all done with it–probably mid … Continue reading

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I’m Done

There’s still the Prologue and Epilogue to do, but the real body of Possession (Greywalker #8) is now done: 89,740 words total at this point. Today’s final scene added 4,496 words and the Epi and Pro will tip the MS … Continue reading

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Progress and Antlers

Well, I’m down to the final scene of the WIP and stopping for the day so I can spend all day on it tomorrow. Current total word count is 85,244 words, with 3,353 added today and it looks like the … Continue reading

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The Birthday Paper Project

Here is the present I made for a birthday today. It’s a paper zoetrope from Rob! Not my best job, alas, because the wheel wobbles in spite of my best efforts, but it works! See another video of the … Continue reading

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Happy Holidogs 2012!

Because I love to torment her, I bought some Holiday Dog Antlers for Bella. She doesn’t want to wear them, she’d rather steal them and destroy them: But victory shall not be hers. Even if it takes Mr. Kat wrestling … Continue reading

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The End is Nigh!

One short scene, a set-up and then… the Big Showdown With Ghosts! Pico meter says: I wrote 3,470 words today and it went much easier than yesterday's lot. The MS is running a bit light and I can see places … Continue reading

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I See a Distant Light

A long, hard day at the computer, but reached 78,000 words on the WIP with 3,790 added today. Only 4.3 outline points left to cover, plus the prologue and epilogue. Looks like the MS will be about 90-95,000 words total. … Continue reading

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Sticky Situation

Bella prefers her sticks directly from the tree. (click on image for larger view.) This photo is a week or so old–you can tell because it’s not ice-cold, near-dark, and pouring rain, as it is today.

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A Bit of Holiday Levity (I Hope)

I’m going to repost an old holiday short of mine. I like this story: it makes me laugh. And today is a day I need a laugh. So, here it is again, originally written and posted December 23 2002, my … Continue reading

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Writing Bits

Managed to write 1100 words so far today without particularly trying. I have the urge to stop now, just so I have something fun to start work on tomorrow. I can see the end looming…

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I Have It Cornered….

I had such a bad couple of days Thursday and Friday that I didn’t get much work done, but I’ve smacked the WIP around, put in 3,735 words since Thursday morning–most of it today with 3,248 words–and pushed past the … Continue reading

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