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Vanished Wallpaper

It’s the first of July which means, time for new Greywalker computer wallpaper on in the website’s Gallery page (you can also find this link at the bottom of every page on the site–it’s hidden near the hand…). This time … Continue reading

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Labyrinth Gets **** 1/2…

Labyrinth got a 4.5 (out of 5) star review at Romantic Times Book Review today! I’m stoked! (if you’re a subscriber, you can log in to read the whole thing, otherwise you’ll just have to trust me.) W00H00! And I … Continue reading

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Jane is HOT!

OMG and Squeee! it’s Jane True day! I’m not usually all squealy fan grrl and you know I’m not a huge romance reader, but… I love Nicole Peeler’s Jane True–her first book, Tempest Rising is one of the few paranormal … Continue reading

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Long Ago Post #2

It’s time for another bit of ancient webbery from the Kat Litter box! Continuing were we left off, this is from June of 2002 and a friend of mine who has since gone on to have many adventures with cake … Continue reading

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Publishing is Not Dead… but it’s looking a little scaly….

I went to the gym this morning after participating for a while in an interesting online chat about changing publisher advances (this grew out of several other discussions on Twitter this week about the publishing industry and agents specifically, including … Continue reading

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Happy BruceDay!

Hey, it’s Bill Campbell’s birthday today! In honor of the the ARMY OF DARKNESS star’s natal celebrations, SciFi Wire has some printable Bruce Campbell’s Soup Company labels to festivize your canned goods with. So in honor of the author of … Continue reading

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Probably the most beautiful Summer Solstice photo I’ve ever seen: this year’s Solstice sunrise over Stonehenge. (I’m not going to embed the photo–go look at the whole site and have some fun, you guys.)

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Making It Up and Having It Easy

In the mood to rant a bit. Ever since my first book came out in 2006 I’ve been hearing variations of “fantasy writers just make it all up,” sneered at me and others–sometimes in very backhanded ways, but nonetheless, sneering–with … Continue reading

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Long Ago Posts #1

Long ago, back about… 2001-2003, I had a website. Back before the word “blog” was coined. Back when we called them “web logs” and “web journals” and just “my goofy-damned web site.” So, because I’m a lazy blogger and some … Continue reading

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Labyrinth and tour updates

Hello patient readers. Yesterday LABYRINTH got its first official review at Publishers Weekly. It’s a good solid review, but if you are a bit behind I warn you it has some spoilers and it’s not quite correct on one point: … Continue reading

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