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Young Writers Contest!

Hey there, if you are under 18 or know someone who is, this might interest you…. My friend Jon Jordan, the publisher and proprietor of Crimespree Magazine, is sponsoring a writing contest for young writers to highlight this year’s Bouchercon–that’s the … Continue reading

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Tech Noir–you people keep asking for it

Several people have asked me to repost this article I wrote for a friend back in 2003. I was attempting to label a sub-niche of the dystopian SF genre with a title of its own, which never really caught on. … Continue reading

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League of Reluctant Adults

Hey there! I’m posting at the League of Reluctant Adults once a month and today was my day! So go check out the League and see what a bunch of crazy writers have to say!

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So after the success of yesterday, got up this morning to persistent rain–typical Seattle-in-February weather. But there’s more: a leak has developed over the foot of our bed. It’s right where the worst of the mildew was on the old … Continue reading

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Boat’s Away!

Well, after a lot of complications, paperwork, repairs, disappointments, thrills, insanity, and general boat-iness, the old sailboat is now not only sold, but moved to her new home. It took a lot of work on the parts of my husband … Continue reading

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SFWA Healthcare Survey

Hey there. If you’re an SFWA member and you haven’t already done it, trot on over to the SFWA website and fill in the Healthcare survey. You know where it is (and if you don’t, Bob Howe can help you … Continue reading

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Appearance Updates

There have been a LOT of updates on the Appearances Page, so if you want to know what I’m up to this year, check it out!

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The Little Porker that Wallowed in Mead (not Richelle)

So here is the first recipe I tried with my new crockpot, because I had an old bottle of mead that was on the verge of going sour, but was still good enough to drink, but not to be drunk … Continue reading

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Auidible Labyrinth

Audible has made LABYRINTH available for download today! Thanks to my Minion, Thea, for spotting it and letting me know. And thanks to all of you for being so patient.

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