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Local Girl Makes Good

In this episode, our heroine, a mild-mannered writer from Seattle and Los Angeles, discovers she has hit the big time. The Seattle PI gives her kudos in the following article: Seattle author hits the timing jackpot with tales of paranormal … Continue reading

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Roc my world, ye Penguins

My publisher has put up a much longer excerpt from Underground. Go to their Science Fiction and Fantasy page and click on the big brick red picture of the cover to get to the full Prologue and First Chapter! W00t!

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Rain, rain, go away…

come again some other day. Today’s my anniversary day, so, just for now, please go away! Back when we were planning the wedding, I carefully researched the weather almanac to discover which days had the lowest incidence of rain in … Continue reading

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Evite Bites

A friend of mine sent me to Evite Alternatives because I was complaining about how much I hate Evite and how much “invitation” spam I get and how legit stuff ends up in the trash as a result. I can’t … Continue reading

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Some of Those People

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I’m part of the SFNovelists community which was started by Tobias Buckell.  Mostly because this hasn’t seemed like a big deal, but I have to say it’s a great group of very thoughtful … Continue reading

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Noir Quote of the Week!

This post is from the discussion of The Dark Knight that’s currently going on at my favorite noir reading list. While I haven’t seen the film yet, the quote just makes me pleased as Punch: I think that the idea … Continue reading

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GoogleMap is my friend and so is the UK

I’ve been working out the scenes for Book 4 in which Harper deals with her mother (the horrid) and takes a look at her old home town. Which has changed a bit since I last spent any time out there. … Continue reading

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World Building 101–as the program called it–went smashingly! The crowd (about 24 which is great for a last-minute class) plus some observers and a few people who had to dive out for appointments with agents and editors, was enthusiastic, once … Continue reading

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Take That, Word Count!

With all the stuff that’s been going on recently, my word count productivity has been lower than I’d like but today… oh yes, today we had 3,000 words. And good set-up for more tomorrow. After weeks of 300-500 word days. … Continue reading

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Small Correction for PNWA

No MWA table until Friday, so I won’t be there. ~sigh~ Hunt me down in the halls on Saturday.

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Last minute stuff!

Something went pear-shaped at the last minute at PNWA and as a result, Team Seattle will be running a World Building for Urban Fantasy workshop at the conference this Saturday! OMG! We’re scrambling to put our paperwork together, but the … Continue reading

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Office Supply Lust

Since it keeps coming up lately, I’ve decided to have my first ever Poll over on my LJ, since I don’t know how to make one here. Go take the Office Supply Lust Poll!

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