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You guys helped raise $202.50 for relief to Japan through my book auction. THANK YOU! You all rock!

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Not the Whole Enchilada

E-publishing, and specifically self-publishing e-books on Kindle, is a hot topic right now what with the interesting juxtaposition of Amanda Hocking’s Big 6 print contract and Barry Eisler’s ship-jump from print to Kindle only. In the meantime I’m also engaged … Continue reading

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Book Auction!

Thanks to the ass-kicking efforts of Richelle Mead, I now have an auction up on eBay to benefit Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. Go, look, bid on 4 pristine, signed Greywalker paperbacks: Greywalker, Poltergeist, Underground, and Vanished. Every bit … Continue reading

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Wheee, wibble, wobble….

OK, so… I still have the head cold from hell. Which had a very negative impact on my work and my weekend. I got proofs in for the US paperback edition of LABYRINTH while I was trying to finish up … Continue reading

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Alfred Molina Film Festival!

All right, so… Mr. Kat and I just watched a funny little English romcom called Undertaking Betty in which Mr. Molina and Chris Walken play rival undertakers in the Welsh town of Wrotting-Powys, and we feel we need to have … Continue reading

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The Setting Thing

(This entry is cross-posted at The League of Reluctant Adults.) So… this past weekend I was at the Rainforest Writer’s Village writer’s retreat out on the Olympic Peninsula. I’d never been to a writer’s retreat before and this was kind … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Let’s All Live on a Yellow Submarine!

Since I’m out of town at a writers retreat this weekend, the utterly fabulous Nicole Peeler is stepping in to guest blog for me here. I am a huge fan of Nicole’s; both for her writing and for herself. Nicole’s … Continue reading

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