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Officially Good

I have clawed my way to the top–or something like that. Greywalker is the #2 trade paperback on the Locus Bestsellers, January 2007 list. I don’t know how they calculate this position–and the other books on the list are great! … Continue reading

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The continuing saga of holiday breakfasts

What is it about me and breakfast on a major holiday? On Thanksgiving, breakfast was several hours late because the water pump switch went out. Christmas day brekkie was beset with weird delays so that we didn’t get food into … Continue reading

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Bad book covers

Bad book covers:   Please, dear God, don’t let me have any of these….

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More Christmas song insanity

I have been working through the Advent list at Another Form of Relief and having a whale of a time–some really great, warped X-mas music here. Not to mention one of my personal faves (near the bottom of the page), … Continue reading

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Christmas Songs We Need More Of

Jonathan Coulton’s Chiron Beta Prime. My favorite of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society’s Cthulu Carols, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fishmen. And anything by Tom Lehrer.

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Reindeer Games

Ok, so I’m lazy, but until I get my butt in gear and post some new Christmas Kat Litter, here’s a link to one of my favorite Christmas freak outs, Kat Litter from December 2002: Reindeer Games. I hope you … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s been very windy in Seattle and a lot of the outlying neighborhoods and cities in Western Washington lost power Thursday night due to the wind and rain. My neighborhood, did not. Quite unusually. Most of the time, my … Continue reading

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