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Old enough to vote

Mr. Kat and I have been married for 18 years today. Still going strong–if slightly insane. 🙂 (Love you, sweetie.)

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The March of Progress

I wrote 2170 words today on mystery WiP in spite of many interruptions related to attempts to sell the boat. It appears I’ll be able to hand over 30,000+ words on this to my agent on Saturday. It’s not the … Continue reading

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Oh Brave New World That Has Such Robots In It

If you’re shrugging, watch again. The elegance of motion, delicacy of touch, pressure, and mobility required to tie your shoe is amazing. Until recently a robot of any kind could barely do it. Three years ago this was as good … Continue reading

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Back Three, Forward Two…

Well, this has been a strange day writing-wise. I cut over 2,000 words out of the WiP and put almost 1900 new ones in. It’s taken three days to get the story straightened out and I’m far behind pure word … Continue reading

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Review of Clockwork Fairy Tales

Mad Scientist Journal has a review of Clockwork Fairy Tales up!

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Poster Page/Purchase Site Up-to-Date

Well… it took three hours and I had to re-learn how to mark up HTML and recover my FTP password… but is finally updated! All the Greywalker novels in one convenient location for your click-and-buy pleasure with nifty new … Continue reading

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Oh so THAT’S the problem….

Well, I think I finally figured out why the new book wasn’t working. I originally started with a single, close third-person POV, but… I need to add information about the other major character that can’t be done in that format. … Continue reading

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Finally: Updates!

I finally have updates on the Greywalker Novels page with info about Possession! There’s even an excerpt… and the book has a sneak preview of the write-up from Kirkus Reviews–which was very nice, thank you! Next I need to update … Continue reading

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Insidious Language

Warning: The following material is NOT SAFE FOR WORK or children. This post contains a lot of “dirty words.” I will not soften or remove them because they are the whole point of this post. So, if you are sensitive … Continue reading

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