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WorldCon Ahoy!

I’m heading for Chicago for WorldCon in about 12 hours. Don’t expect me to be posting here until next week.

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Got ’em…?

Spent the past 3 hours combing and cleaning up the website files, hoping to find all the remnants of the hack. I hope I got ’em all. Ugh, what a way to spend a day.

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Tri-pawed Pitti

I normally don’t forward to FaceBook but today’s Daily Dog is a needy little girl in a South Carolina shelter. If you know an appropriate person in the Myrtle Beach area, please let them know about this cute critter.

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Very Annoying….

Apparently there is some weirdness going on on my website with search strings about “payday loans” and other garbage showing up on my pages (it also shows up in Google search page previews). This is NOT my content, I didn’t … Continue reading

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A Long Day for Dogs

After which, one sits around drinking and telling stories… I give you the Daily Dog–Bella listening to Mr. Kat:

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WorldCon Schedule and a New Event

Here is my schedule for WoldCon, Labor Day weekend in Chicago. Thu Aug 30 5:30:pm-6pm Writer Under Glass #12, Fan Lounge Kat Richardson Sat Sep 1 10:30:am-12:00:pm Why I Love My Editor, Wrigley Anne Lyle John Berlyne Kat Richardson Marie … Continue reading

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Wiggling and Giggling

So, today we went to a wedding and then came home to hang out with the dog. The wedding was lovely, and low-key but it’s nice to be home and back in my jeans. Yes, I’m a slob… And meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Dog Day

So, for the Daily Dog, Mr. Kat and I took Bella up to our friends’ house for a training session and also, just because Mr. Kat had never gone to what I think of as “Blain Explains it All to … Continue reading

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All Dogs on Deck!

Today’s Daily Dog: Bella Owns the aftdeck.

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Water Feature

It’s kind of strange living on the water, sometimes. Things move, they smell, they come and go, it’s humid all the time, and there are a lot of critters around you never see anywhere else: crabs, seastars, jellies, tiny fish. … Continue reading

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Plain Brown Wrapper

Today’s daily dog is brought to you by…’s shipping department.

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Catching Up

So, the event on Sunday at Borderlands Books in San Francisco went great! many thanks to Alan, Jude, Veronica, Stacey, and Carolyn for making it happen and being there to be totally awesome. Also thanks to fans, friends, and family … Continue reading

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