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Carry On, Doggle

So… I took the “hundering therd” for a walk today, since it was sunny and pleasant out. Only got about a half-mile done, since it’s heavy work managing the Two Mighty Dogs of Discord and Destruction. We survived, though. And … Continue reading

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Time for Daily Dog! Bella has a stick…

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Boaty Badasses and Bella

Two of these serious-grade badasses sporting the company’s initials on the sides came out of the marina today, powered up, goosed their sirens, and scared the almighty yip out of Bella during our morning walk. She jumped, ran, and yanked … Continue reading

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Bella Spies With Her Little Eye… (and some books)

Yesterday we went past the salt marsh on our walk and for some reason, Bella’s interest became quite piqued by this: You’d think she’d never seen ducks before–which she has. For some reason they utterly enthralled her. Today when we … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Dog in October

Bella is settling down a bit… but not much. I credit the weather for some of it, since it’s now cool and wet a lot and she doesn’t much like that. We take walks in Golden Gardens and find odd … Continue reading

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Stairs, Stairs, and More Stairs!

Today was another stair-climbing day for Bella and me. Bella seems to really like the stairs at Golden Gardens when she starts up, then casts me looks of mixed frustration and despair as they just keep on going and going … Continue reading

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