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Last Monday I fell and hurt the middle and ring finger on my right hand. Didn’t think much of it. A week later the fingers were still sore and one was still swollen. Went to doctor on Tuesday after Labor … Continue reading

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Well, after quite a bit of asking around and looking into stuff (in spite of one commenter’s belief that I was going to slack on this, this has been the plan since the beginning) we have found a well-respected local … Continue reading

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My 90+ year-old grandmother fell and broke her hip on Tuesday while the fridge was being repaired. Being my grandmother, of course, she refused to leave–in spite of the repairman’s help in getting her up and calling the hospital–until the … Continue reading

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David Thompson

I’m crushed today to hear of the death of David Thompson, who, with his wife McKenna Jordan, owned and operated Murder by The Book in Houston TX as well as being the publisher of Busted Flush Press–which was recently sold … Continue reading

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One of THOSE Days….

Ah, today… how you sucked. I mean… serious, sweaty-donkey ball sucakage. Like deep space cosmic implosion suckage. I’m not just saying, here, I’m SAYING: you sucked, Friday February 26. Total, utter, freakin’ suck. How have you suck’d? Let me count … Continue reading

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It’s Time for: Fun With Head Wounds!

As I was struggling with the proof of Vanished that is due back on April 16th but with which I must be done by Wednesday night so I can drop it in the mail before Norwescon eats my brain and … Continue reading

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