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It’s the flu.  I feel miserable.

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I notice everyone is posting amazing stuff like mad, lately. I feel very much a laggard. Me, I’m exhausted and crazy with non-writing stuff, paperwork, house/boatwork and just plain getting back to life away from my computer for a bit. … Continue reading

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Out Damned Werewolf!

I’m done with the werewolf story! I think. Well… it’s 8,100 words of Christmas werewolf evilness. I’m just taking a break to clear my brain before I read it through again and see if it needs more tweaks. It’s due … Continue reading

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Hurray for Michael!

I’m so totally tickled about this: My friend Michael Ehart, who writes some nifty horror comedy and short Fantasy finally has a novel! Yup, it’s the long-awaited Servant of the Mantycore novel. And he got a forward from Michael Moorcock, … Continue reading

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Copyediting Isn’t Rocket Science (it’s worse)

So, now Underground is on its way to NYC and London to be logged and go on to Stage the Next–copyediting. I have enormous respect for good copyeditors–I have a very good one and I’ve worked with several very good … Continue reading

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A Nail in its Coffin

Or at the very least a huge step toward “done!” I have finished the tweaks and spell-checked again so in the morning I shall be printing and shipping what I hope will be the final revision of Underground prior to … Continue reading

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Still Revisin’

Sorry I’ve been so silent: I’m right at the end of the revision on UNDERGROUND and banging my head against the final leg before I can print and ship it.  More chattering when I’m done….

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Geek Walking

I walk a lot. ‘Cause that’s my most reliable and cheap mode of transport. So when Jim showed me the Google Pedometer, I of course started poking about wondering how far I walked running errands today and how many calories … Continue reading

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Not going into details–because they are long and stupid–but today was the sort of day that makes me want to hide under the bunk and cry.  And when you consider what’s under my bunk…. Metrics:  zip-o!

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Update on U-Book Signings

Richelle got off easy: according to our friend Art–one of the bookstore event volunteers working the Laurell K Hamilton gig–Bill Clinton’s signing remained on site at the store until after 12:30 a.m., which was when the Hamilton gig folks went … Continue reading

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New Review Site

I’ve been looking forward to this experiment. A group of authors are writing and posting reviews at Writers are So far, the reviews are nicely done and by an interesting group. But they have only one SF writer I … Continue reading

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Ron Weasling and the Philosophers Bonehead

Yes, I’m a bad person and I love ferrets so when I ran across WeaselTrek and found this I had to laugh and inflict it on the rest of you: Check out the rest of the Ron Weasling stories in … Continue reading

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