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Today was mold day. Ugh. While much of the SF world was at the Locus Awards, I was doing battle with mold and boats. (Ok, not the most physically strenuous battle, but kind of a sneaky guerrilla, slap-it-around-and-run-like-hell kind of … Continue reading

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On the Rocks

We’re having an extreme low tide today at Shilshole Bay/Meadow Point. We are 6 minutes to the lowest tide of the month at -4.1 feet. That means we’re a bit more than 4 feet lower than the mean low tide … Continue reading

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Hardcover: Get It While It Lasts

I’ve just discovered that limited supplies of Underground in hardcover are on clearance sale at B& for the shocking price of $3.59. Yeah that’s right–about half the price of the soon-to-be released paperback edition. So if you’ve been holding out … Continue reading

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Le Squeeee!

And I really did, too.  Today, while walking through the supermarket (Fred Meyer in Ballard) I came around the Book aisle and down past the Science Fiction rack and there right on the top shelf at eye level

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Binky Has a Drinky

My tiny teddy bear, Binky the Dinky, has discovered Adult Beverages. Mostly he is attracted by the shiny bottles and anything sweet. See the photos of Binky and his Drinky….

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Medieval Friends

I just noticed that I have two friends who are both into things medieval. Well, OK they aren’t my only friends who are and I had known this before, but they are certainly the ones who stand out from my … Continue reading

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Happy Outline Day!

I finally have the outline mostly complete (points exist, but order is still a little scrambled) and I’m quite, quite chuffed with it. Hehehehehe… I gets to kill stuff and blow shit up and stuff like that! Wooohooo! Now to … Continue reading

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Vanished Has Reviews

Thanks to the fabulous Zita H and the ever-busy Harriet K, there are now reviews of Vanished in the world: Read Zita’s review Read Harriet’s review

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Greywalker Ebook at Last!

For those who’ve been asking, Greywalker is now available as an ebook for Kindle and Sony (the Sony version is at the mass market price, too!) Other platforms may also be available, but of these I am sure. All other … Continue reading

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Books, Books, Books!

Besides my own mass market release, this is a busy day for SF books: Caitlin Kittredge’s STREET MAGIC is out today–at last; and the superhero collaboration BLACK AND WHITE by Caitlin and Jackie Kessler; and Dakota Cassidy’s Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy … Continue reading

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