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Tell a Story Day: Part 21

And now more of the amazing and amusing Tell a Story Day! I’m posting part 21 here, but the story started April 15th on M. Todd Gallowglas’s site with Part 1 and has continued on up to Part 20 on … Continue reading

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Next, Please

Finished the proofs on Possession today, scanned, and emailed them back to the Penguins. Done with that book for a while. Now, on to the next one. This time: with dragon!

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Tell a Story Day: Part 13

Today I’ve been invited to take part in Tell A Story Day with the Genre Underground–a group of (mostly) independent writers who’ve banded together to help readers find new stories. So, what is “Tell a Story Day”? Well, it’s an … Continue reading

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Tired is Good, Right…?

Front matter and 107 of the 358 pages of galley proofs for POSSESSION reviewed (only 8 corrections so far but one was a doozy!) My neck and shoulders ache. But I’m getting it done! Due Tuesday. Will I make it…?

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Proof of Proofs

I finally have my galley proofs of POSSESSION in my hot little fists. Due back April 23, so… excuse me while I’m absent.

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Practical Monocle

Because he only requires reading correction in one eye, Mr. Kat does, in fact, wear a monocle as an everyday accessory. I think it’s rather dashing. Now if I can just get him into a nice frock coat and cravat… … Continue reading

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Bad Days Need Dogs

And today definitely needs a funny dog photo to make you laugh:

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Trolling for Polling

It’s time for the Locus Awards Poll and you–yes you!–can vote to get your favorite SF and F stories on the list! I’d love to be there…. (hint!) Go vote! Also, consider signing the petition to get a memorial plague … Continue reading

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They Sneak Up On Me In My Sleep

I’ve only recently finished Copyedits on Greywalker #8 and Greywalker #9 is already pestering me to start working on it. But I don’t have the whole story yet, just some nifty bits and pieces. Late Thursday night I realized I’d … Continue reading

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