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Thanksgiving 2013

Traded jobs with Hubby today. So because of ferry delays I drove the 2 hours to fetch my mom and then 2 hours back home with her. Mr. Kat started the standing rib roast while I was on the road. … Continue reading

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Site Archeology: Talking Turkey

Back in 2000 I had a little tiny website and I wrote this piece about Thanksgiving, so because a friend of mine is facing her first turkey roasting, I thought I’d repost it for her. Over the years, I’ve discovered … Continue reading

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All’s Well That Ends With Whiskey

Had an excellent Thanksgiving with minimal stress and maximum yumminess. Mom was happily surprised by the attendance of my sister and her husband. Bella also loved them very much, maybe too much since the only bad incident was Bella jolting … Continue reading

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I’m Off!

Bella is not at all happy to see me packing again. I’m heading out for my step-sister’s wedding this weekend and Bella is plainly aware I’m leaving and Does Not Approve. She’s being demanding and bratty, alternating with sulky and … Continue reading

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Short Progress Report

Mom is out of the hospital and back at home, doing very well. We all expect she’ll be back to her pre-norovirus self by the end of the week. Meanwhile I’m busy on the short story (“The Hollow Hounds”) for … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2011… y’bastard

This is incredibly long so if you don’t want to read it I’ll understand…. Well, 2011 is going out with an apologetic giggle and a pratfall–which is much better than the a lot of the year has been. Ah… my … Continue reading

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The Current State of the Kat….

I’m slightly drunk and very tired…. I should be working, but am thinking: “I could take an antihistamine and go to bed… yeah….” And I am feeling a bit strange about the things I’m writing…. This is going to be … Continue reading

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Still more Mom updates….

Mom’s surgery went well, but she’s still in recovery so I don’t yet know anything else. More as I do. Meanwhile, heading back to the hospital to see her when she wakes up.

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mom update

Mom is now back home as of last night. Stable and doing better, but her Cancer treatment is now complicated with treatment for Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clots in the leg) as well. Still a lot to do before we … Continue reading

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All bets are off

Not likely to get much done today: Mom’s in the hospital after a problem late last night. Expecting to be a blithering wreck for a while.

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Well, after quite a bit of asking around and looking into stuff (in spite of one commenter’s belief that I was going to slack on this, this has been the plan since the beginning) we have found a well-respected local … Continue reading

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Sometimes bad things just happen….

This morning, the fridge tried to gas us. Yes really. It’s been a bit weird in Katlandia recently: Due to economic factors, this year’s US contract was not as remunerative as the previous one (and I’m still waiting to get … Continue reading

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