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Contest! Ten Reasons Werewolves are Better Than….

Ah yes, my dears. Time for a holiday contest! I have 3 “wolfy baubles” left from the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe promotion that need homes. (Don’t worry: they’re acryclic so they travel just fine and are damn-near unbreakable.) So I propose … Continue reading

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My ferret overlord

All right, who made me ferret-slave? Not only does the ferret’s medication and feeding schedule rule my life at the moment, but he’s now decided that the only way he’ll eat the perfectly nummy ferret kibbles he used to gobble … Continue reading

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In the WTF department….

The fine folks at Amazon have already listed my next book, Vanished: A Greywalker Novel, for preorder. And they seem to know something I don’t: how long it’s going to be. This leads me to believe they have a time … Continue reading

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Support the Library!

I was recently reminded through the MWA that back in June there was a lot of flooding in Iowa, as some of you may recall. In the rising water, one of the things that was lost was the A-rated Central … Continue reading

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And now, the shopping….

While I struggle to write a critique for a friend–the problem is not that the book is bad, but that it’s very good under a bad start, which is among the happiest circumstances of critiquing, but often hard to break … Continue reading

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Huh. Well. OK….

The first review of Mean Streets is out from the ubiquitous Harriet Klausner. I have to admit, this is the oddest review I’ve ever gotten and I’m really not sure what she meant to say about mine. I do have … Continue reading

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War and Peace

Today I feel a little sad because it’s Veterans Day–used to be Armistice Day–and even though it’s not the anniversary, it was the first day nineteen years ago that I really “got” that my father had died a few days … Continue reading

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Tonight! (oops)

Tonight is the tenth anniversary of Third Place books in Lake Forest Park! I have been out of town this weekend and kept trying to remember what I had going on Monday when I got back… Well this is it! … Continue reading

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Terminal Man

Ok yeah… I know we’re all jumping around like beans over the election, but while we were holding our breathes over politics-as-unusual–Holy Shit!–Michael Chrichton died! WTF? At 66? Los Angeles is full of disasters isn’t it? First Prop 8 passed, … Continue reading

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The Beauty Thing

I don’t actually have a point here, I’m just thinking, and feel free to chime in and argue with me if you want…. A while ago I got an email from a fan who, just in passing, referred to my … Continue reading

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I gots a treat!

I was not expecting this, but yesterday I got a treat from my publisher: ARCs of MEAN STREETS. Alas, only 3 and they are all committed already, but it makes me smile. So, in honor of the honor, I’ve included … Continue reading

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