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PUPdate: Benched!

We’ve been directed by her vet to “bench” Bella for the next three weeks (no running, long walks, or jumping around) to reduce inflammation of the muscles in the elbow and shoulder of her right foreleg. Needless to say, this … Continue reading

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PUPdate: Green Bunny

Bella’s been having a bit of a sore leg lately, so she tires easily. Even stuffed bunnies have more stamina. See:

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The Writer’s Dog in January

So… it’s snowing in Seattle which is unusual. And Bella, so far as we know, has never seen snow before since she’s only three and I don’t recall that we’ve had snow in the city in about that many years. … Continue reading

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Writing Update

“The Hollow Hounds” is done and sent. A day of rest, then on to the revisions of SEAWITCH.

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Appearance Updates

I have now paid for my memberships to WorldCon in Chicago and World Fantasy Convention in Toronto this year. I’m still working on the Comic Con stuff and I’ll be leading some SF/F workshops at PNWA in July as well … Continue reading

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A Tiny Steampunk Nibble

I’m really loving writing this story: “In a while, the soldier could see something coming down the moonlit road from the woods. It marched along on six slim legs and in front of it ran the metal dog….” (from “The … Continue reading

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Short Progress Report

Mom is out of the hospital and back at home, doing very well. We all expect she’ll be back to her pre-norovirus self by the end of the week. Meanwhile I’m busy on the short story (“The Hollow Hounds”) for … Continue reading

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Cookery: Bean Soup the long way

So… Mr. Kat is concerned with food that is easy and nutritious and can be made in large amounts and kept by canning or freezing. Hey, we live on a boat and sometimes you need to have food that you … Continue reading

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PUPdate: Bella Romps Free!

I’m so happy! Bella played with other dogs today, off leash, in the big yard at the dog park! This doesn’t sound unusual until you realize that when we got her in June she couldn’t even see another dog without … Continue reading

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New Day, New Year, New ‘Tude

I want to say thank you for the amazing and positive response to yesterday’s post. It wasn’t meant to be a whine so much as a chance to let the crap out and send it on its way elsewhere. Last … Continue reading

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