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New Author Event for August!

I’ve just added a new event for August 19: Borderlands Books in San Francisco will be hosting a multi-author panel with me, Veronica Wolff, and up to two more authors yet to be announced. We’ll have swag and a limited … Continue reading

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Look What I Got Today!

A boxful of Downpour paperbacks! Whatever shall I do with them all…?

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Clockworks in Wineglasses

No, really: A fellow in Poland made this by hand–right down to cutting and shaping the gears by hand. Yes, that’s a standard wine glass, not a giant one. Thanks to my husband for the original link from Make magazine. … Continue reading

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Comic Con Panel Added

I’ve got my San Diego Comic Con International panel assignment and I must say the panelists are impressive. Go take a look on the Tour page for details.

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A Minor Conflict Problem

Mr. Kat worked at home yesterday and turned out to be very helpful. (This is not always the case with sigother working at home situations.) I’ve been trying to figure out why the clockwork story is having so many problems … Continue reading

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The Zombies are Coming!

I make a damn fine zombie cocktail if I say so myself–well, ok more of a walking dead since I cheat horribly: First wash a lime–I’m serious: mold and dirt on citrus peels really ruins your drink and can introduce … Continue reading

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Site Stuff

My friend Ken George has been talking to me about a “poster” site for the Greywalker series, so we’ve split the site into two parts: and (the new poster site). Eventually we hope to put up a trailer … Continue reading

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I Dream of Singing Apples and Wil Wheaton

I keep having odd dreams that are concluded by the appearance of Wil Wheaton, usually emerging from the back seat of a Toyota Corolla, wearing his old Star Trek uniform (but with his current beard and sense of humor). He always … Continue reading

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Doggy in Need, ARC for Auction

A friend of mine is helping raise funds to pay for surgery for Tally the foster Rotty. (Isn’t she adorable?) And I’ve put up the only ARC of SEAWITCH that I have left (I only got 4.) It’s signed and … Continue reading

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