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A Glimpse Won’t Make You Stupid

There’s a nice piece over at The Absent Minded Housewife about the problem of assuming girls are things and boys are brutes. The point that keeps coming up in my mind, is that no one ever tells boys or men … Continue reading

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Postal Orifice

I’m a bit put out with the US Postal Service at the moment. Specifically a unit in Toledo Ohio. Here’s why: I received a box from a fan with two mass market paperbacks inside that my fan wanted signed and … Continue reading

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Sometimes bad things just happen….

This morning, the fridge tried to gas us. Yes really. It’s been a bit weird in Katlandia recently: Due to economic factors, this year’s US contract was not as remunerative as the previous one (and I’m still waiting to get … Continue reading

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The problem of the Runcible spoon

Ah the Runcible spoon, which rose to fame in the Edward Lear poem “The Owl and the Pussycat” is not, in fact, the poet’s invention–no matter what the internet says. How do I know this? Because I read Boswell’s The … Continue reading

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Making It Up and Having It Easy

In the mood to rant a bit. Ever since my first book came out in 2006 I’ve been hearing variations of “fantasy writers just make it all up,” sneered at me and others–sometimes in very backhanded ways, but nonetheless, sneering–with … Continue reading

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One of THOSE Days….

Ah, today… how you sucked. I mean… serious, sweaty-donkey ball sucakage. Like deep space cosmic implosion suckage. I’m not just saying, here, I’m SAYING: you sucked, Friday February 26. Total, utter, freakin’ suck. How have you suck’d? Let me count … Continue reading

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Really, I Could Have Done Without….

The timing on the Google Settlement opt-out/objection deadline. I put it off before since I was at the tail end of copyedits, proofs, first conventions, and taxes. Now it has come back around and the deadline to say “fuck off … Continue reading

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Trick Photography

I have just returned from the mailbox in which I found a Notice of Infraction from the Seattle PD’s Photo Enforcement unit. It’s a photo of my car on the morning of April 9th making a legal right turn at … Continue reading

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Lying, F-ing Lying, and Creative Non-fiction

Fair warning: this is me ranting. I’m not intending to be polite, nice, reasonable, or even accurate, but at least I’m going to tell you so first and I’m going to go on for a good long while below the … Continue reading

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In Which Our Heroine Worries and Has a Sick Day

Blargh… I have a cold which is making me lose time on the proof–it’s exhausting concentrating on the words and punctuation and the smaller type on the mass market galley forces me to squint even with my reading glasses on, … Continue reading

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It’s bloody cold in here! It snowed on Saturday. Snowed! In Seattle! This rarely happens and when it does it usually results in a short term freak out, slush, and then a bit of mud, nostalgia and an increase in … Continue reading

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One last fuckover–I hope….

Sooo… I finished the damned thing and emailed it to: my 2 editors, my 2 agents, my 3 “special” readers who won’t forgive me if I don’t. And none of them got it. Looks like Comcast in their infinite Whiz-Dumb … Continue reading

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