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Series in Order

I found a nice write up on the Greywalker series today at Book Series in Order. And while the books aren’t actually YA, the write up is very good. Thank you, anonymous writer!

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Panic Mode–On!

Ack! The copyedit has landed and it’s due back in 2 weeks! Ack! All other projects–including the taxes–will be put on hold until this beast is off my desk (this CE seems to have trodden lightly on my prose, happily … Continue reading

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Dog Shenanigans

Here’s a lovely way to start the day: had to remove pine sap from the puppy’s haunch. Since it’s in a place he can reach with his tongue, I used olive oil to loosen the sap and rub it off. … Continue reading

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I Hate DST

The following is partially cobbled together from my Twitter feed: I hate DST—if you want to get up earlier, just… get up earlier. Why torture the rest of us? I’ve looked into it and the persistence of DST in the … Continue reading

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Writer-brain is—Squirrel!

Most years I finish the required novel the first week of the new year, turn it in, and become an exhausted, brain-dead slug. This year, that didn’t happen. I finished the novel and was happy with it. I worked on … Continue reading

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The Flipside of Insomnia

Haven’t been able to wake up today. Just the opposite of my problem 14 years ago, when I couldn’t sleep for 5 months. Feels just as disconnected, but less suicidal.

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