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Back To It

It’s hard to get my head back into Harper Blaine space after working with the predominantly male characters in the SF thriller world. I admit to some trepidation–trepidity?–about writing from the male third person for such a long piece, but … Continue reading

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Progress… maybe

Finally done with the New Proposal revision/backgrounder. I’m not sure how good it is, but… it’s done. So, now I can get back to work on the revision of POSSESSION.

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Librarians Rock!

Had a lot of fun at the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting. Gave away all the books and all my promo cards! I’ll have to have new materials printed….

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All Right, January, Let’s Get Serious….

Things have been mailed, paperwork is off my desk, loan is processing, dog is happily napping on the sofa. The office is warm and all mine…. Now for the revising!

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Dr. Talon Speaks!

The most-excellent David D. Levine presents “Dr. Talon’s Letter to the Editor”. Hehehehe… long, but worth the time.

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Busy, Busy, Busy But Good

Soo… today is being a very good, but busy day leading to a crammed-to-the-rafters busy month. We’re officially buying a house (with a big yard for the dog), my sister finally got a start date on her job, and I’ve … Continue reading

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The Balance

Lots of good things today, but this stupid head cold is not one of them.

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Writer Happiness is….

Having a great time at The Waywords twice-monthly write-in and getting just under 1500 words done on the Steampunk/Clockwork western adventure story too! Yay!

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Oh… dog….

Just to be contrary, after a week of causing strife, Bella-dogga was perfect today right in front of people who think she’s “uncontrollable.” She sat perfectly still while they farted around in the gateway and then tried to “intervene” when … Continue reading

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Quick Log Roll….

My friend David D. Levine has a new e-book out today! His award-winning short story collection, Space Magic, (Wheatland Press, 2008) will be available as an e-book from Book View Café starting today! (go, go, read, read.)

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We Need a Little Cow-mass, Right This Very Minute….

My doodle-y galley and a signed copy of Seawitch are up on the Woldbuilders auction to benefit Heifer International! Go help some folks get a cow!

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The Steampunk Fabulists Approach…

Finished proofing my short story in CLOCKWORK FAIRY TALES. Then I skimmed the other stories, which are all amazing. First time my story in an anthology wasn’t vastly different in tone from all the others. Weird…. But the book is … Continue reading

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