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Opportunism is a Bitch

We have two hummingbird feeders. The flying menaces have only recently noticed the window-mounted one on the back door. Alas, so have the ants. Mr. Kat initially decided not to use the “ant moat” that came with the window-mounted feeder … Continue reading

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Coming Soon!

More Unbound information at Grim Oak Press. Now with finished cover design and complete ToC!

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October Workshop–space still available!

Hey, look what I’m up to next month–an intensive story workshop at Cascade Writers! There’s still room and how can you say ‘no’ to crits by folks like Ellen Datlow, John A. Pitts, and Elliott Kat (and me!)

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Happiness is a Warm Publication Date

Whoohoo! A publication date for UNBOUND, and an excerpt from the wonderful Terry Brooks! Can't do better than this!

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Chattering at Slippery Words

So… I’m over at Slippery Words today, chattering with Joelle about waiting, writing, social media and a bunch of other writer-things. Come take a peek.

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