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Updates to the reading list

I’ve been updating the reading list on this blog with the books I finished or started in February.  Generally I write them up when I’m done and put them in the month I finished.  I’m still nibbling on Lamentation since … Continue reading

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Just Checkin In….

I have been down with a sinus headache for two days–yeah I get the killer kind whenever the atmospheric pressure drops drastically as it did to bring in yesterday’s wind and snow–they last about 48 hours and nothing makes them … Continue reading

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Rare Critter Revealed to be Working for the NSA!

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Time Flies….

… like an arrow (and fruit flies like a banana.) Tomorrow is my friend Ken George’s birthday (no I don’t remember or care how old he is.) Ken is the guy who got me started with my first “weblog” back … Continue reading

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More Ken Scholes!

Tonight at Third Place in Lake Forest Park! (Where the cool Steve works.)

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News on the Philip Front

Back in 2004 when I was finishing up the research on Poltergeist, I spent some time trying to find the original “Man Alive!” footage and home films of the Philip sessions that the original New Horizons/Toronto Psychichal Research Society participated … Continue reading

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People actually read this stuf…

It appears I should blog substantively more often: my views and linkage have sky rocketed since I started actually saying something. Huh. Imagine that. And that brings up a thought not unconnected to recent web discussions about blogging and promotion … Continue reading

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Mmm… Ken Scholes….

Back when I was a newbie author I went to a convention–my first convention as a "pro", though I didn’t actually have a book coming out for 3 months. In the Green Room I was introduced to a crowd of … Continue reading

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Boat, boathouse, houseboat, house…

So… One of my frequent blog visitors (and someday I’ll figure out who she is in Real Life and I’m sure I’ll be embarrassed as hell that I haven’t put name and LJ-handle together sooner) mentioned that to most people … Continue reading

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They Earn… What?!

Well… this is interesting in a “someone shoot me now” kind of way… The Seattle PI Wage Comparison by Occupation widget. I suspect the median and mean for “Writers and Authors” is a bit skewed due to the small size … Continue reading

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Book Review: Trigger City

I’m copying this from my Recent Reading page because I just can’t let it hide in a corner.  I love this book that much. Trigger City, by Sean Chercover (Ray Dudgeon PI mystery #2): First I have to own up … Continue reading

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Deadwood Valentines–Parental/Office Warning for delightful filth

Soo… thanks to the evil “Dusty” Rhodes for this link to Deadwood Valentines created by CalamityJon. I can’t stop laughing. I loved that show!

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