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Auction Action and Cool Writer-gifts

Pat Rothfuss’s WorldBuilders annual charity is offering a lot of great editorial services, Tuckerizations, and other writer-or reader-friendly things for auction and raffles. Stop in and see what takes your fancy–or might be the perfect gift.

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Wandering after WFC

After WFC, Stina Leicht and I went to look at the Smithsonian and other things around the National Mall in Washington DC. First we were greeted by a horse playing The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” (quite well) on electric cello at … Continue reading

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Dogmas

Fan Becky Kyle sent Bella and Jack the first gifts of Dogmas–delicious-smelling (and the dogs seem to think, -tasting) biscuits from River Dog Bakery in Knoxville, TN. And a sweet card with them. Thanks Becky!

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What to Buy…

One more bit of BSP, though it’s not all for me. John Scalzi is starting his annual Holiday Buying Guides where us writer/maker/musician/creative types and charities can post info about our stuff for you guys to peruse. He’ll be doing … Continue reading

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Black Friday Shilling….

In honor of all the Black Friday shopping I won’t be doing, but hope you will… I give you Hyperbole and a Half (I love her cartoon/blog): Yes, buy books, support authors, support local book shops, support literacy, support your … Continue reading

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Thanks, Scalzi

I’d just like to say that the perspicacity of people like John Scalzi is why I so rarely blog about politics or other issues that may be close to my heart. Mr. Scalzi so frequently manages to say everything I’d … Continue reading

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Happy Piddling!

While I was in Toronto, my friends Ken and Ana took me out for some very nice French food at Auberge du Pommier. At the end of the meal, Ana and I went searching for the washroom and had some … Continue reading

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Alan Turing Ought to be on Money

And we’ll settle for starting on monopoly money, although there is a petition afoot in Britain to put him on the ₤10 note. But while we wait, you can still learn about the father of modern computers, codebreaker–and famously persecuted … Continue reading

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Hey, I’ve got (most of) my schedule for Foolscap: Villains Workshop Salon 4, Friday Time TBA Cooperation vs. Competition: Gender-Driven Stories Salon 3, Fri, 4:00-5:00 PM Competition is seen as masculine; cooperation, as feminine. And yet, both genders engage in … Continue reading

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Beyond Words

I simply don’t know what to say in response to this extraordinary review of Seawitch (and the Greywalker series) by Paul Goat Allen at Barnes & Noble’s Explorations blog. I’m flattered and utterly undone. After reading the seventh installment of … Continue reading

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Licensed to Kill (Zombies that is)

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever received from a blogger/reviewer/fan: From my friends at I Smell Sheep!

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I’ve Been Busy…

…Going to conventions and prepping for the release of SEAWITCH on August 7. But last weekend I took a quick jaunt to watch my brother marry the woman of his dreams. Apparently pure joy makes brides levitate. Who knew?

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