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Seawitch is up!

Although I still haven’t fixed the breadcrumb menu problem, the SEAWITCH page is now up on my site! And you can read Chapter One! Go forth and read, then spread the word!

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Proof of Doneness

And now, the SEAWITCH proof is all done and the changes, scanned, saved and e-mailed back to the publisher. Mwahahahahahaha…. DONE!

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SEAWITCH Proofs and Killer Headaches

I’m 83.86% done with the proof of SEAWITCH and have to stop. I’ve been working against a creeping sinus headache all day, so I’ve only managed to proof 80 pages since 10:30 this morning. 56 left to go. Have to … Continue reading

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SEAWITCH Proofs Coming Along…

One-third finished with SEAWITCH proofs. Hurray! Very few errors so far and I found two issues that had been in the previous version that it appears the Managing Editor caught and fixed *before* sending the ms to Typsetting–I may love … Continue reading

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All About the Ferrets

I’m sure a lot of you know I’m a fan of ferrets and a supporter of Ferret Legalization in California (my home state and one of only 2 states in the US where ferrets are illegal as pets.) So, of … Continue reading

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Oh dog…

Feeling tired and frustrated already: walked dog and had a small problem with Bella’s overenthusiastic response to small children in pink coats; filed tax extension while Bella begged for attention, whined, and finally lept on my chair from behind. I … Continue reading

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Due to legal paperwork, I had to get new author photos last week and you can see them on my website’s Press Kit page.  Thanks to Ed Peterson for taking them and making them lovely in a huge hurry and to … Continue reading

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SFWA Reading Series April 17

I’ll be hosting the SFWA Northwest Reading Series event on Tuesday April 17 from 6-9 pm at the Wilde Rover in Kirkland WA. I’m standing in for the wonderful Lilith Saintcrow who can’t travel up from Vancouver, but Ted Kosmatka … Continue reading

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That Q Word

I love the letter Q–I love its loopy tail and its jaunty way of sitting on a line. I like the way it gets all lowercase and pretends to be a G that swings the other way. I like the … Continue reading

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More Transformer Prime

Further updates on the Asus Transformer Prime. Asus pushed a firmware update down the pipe (it reached me on Monday) which caused a small glitch to develop in my tablet. Until this afternoon, the tablet would occasionally “sleep” so deeply … Continue reading

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That time of year again…

Norwescon peeps: I’m not attending as a pro this year, but do intend to hang out at “barcon” and make the SFWA meeting on Saturday. Look for me with Shelly Rae and the ukulele. Also… anyone know a photographer who’d … Continue reading

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Cranking the Pitbull

A terrible video by me in which Mr. Kat crank-starts the dog:

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