Toys and the Vet (PUPdate #2)

Yesterday was rough (for me): Bella got some new toys and promptly sat down to chew them raw.

She wasn’t very successful with the blue bow tie tug-toy:

Blue tug-toy

The blue tug-toy resists Bella's attempts to destroy it.

But the red-handled rope toy…

Red tug-toy

Bella LOVES the rope-with-handle. It started out OK....

Has already gained some serious damage to the rubbery handle:

Mauled handle

Thoroughly mauled handle of rope tug-toy

(don’t worry: she spit out the bits she gnawed off.)

She also got a name tag. It’s a little purple heart:

Bella's Tag

A little purple heart tag for Bella

I can’t find my good camera, so the photo’s not so sharp. Sorry. (And I think I should get a Purple Heart too….)

Here is the automated “FIDO” engraver making her tag:


Automated engraver at work

It’s so very futuristic! Ooooo… just like something from a Sci-Fi movie! (“Prepare the Engraver, Mr. Lulu!” “Aye, aye, Captain Smirk!” “Fire full-spectrum wordage on my mark…. Fire!” “Words away, Captain! We have a tag!”)

Later, we went for a walk and romped around the marina’s water feature:

Bella and the Water Feature

Bella investigates (and tastes) each of these "ribs" full of running water

Bella feels the need to check the water in each of the six ribs of the fountain–just in case it tastes different from one to the next.

She’s a little less of a lady at the moment, however. I suppose it’s a compliment that she feels comfortable enough to act like a butt-head and ignore my requests, bark, run around like a mad thing in the boat, attempt to sleep on our bed instead of her own, and generally push the limits. I’m told this means she is OK with me and Mr. Kat (though she’s better for him). That’s nice, but, man, it’s tiring having to correct her constantly, clean up after her, watch everything she does to make sure she doesn’t do something foolish–like trying to jump overboard. I was wiped out by the time we went to bed.

Bella, on the other hand, was only a little tired after her day of investigating. She still got us up early, made a mess because I couldn’t get dressed fast enough, and we took a short walk before we had to go to the vet. I did not enjoy carrying the “deposit” with us for testing. Ewwww….

Bella was a little anxious and over-stimulated at the vet and whined and barked and had a hard time sitting still until we got into the exam room. She really likes her vet and the assistants (especially those in hot-pink scrubs.) She really, really liked the dog biscuits she got there (though the assistant said they are “the bland Saltines of dog treats.”) She got a generally clean bill of health, except for slightly yeasty ears and a bit of allergy rash on her elbows. She also needs to take it a little easier in the romping department for a while since she has a little swelling around the spay incision. That’s our fault for playing so rough with the new toys, I’m sure.

Mr. Kat and I will have to be more sedate, give her pills, clean her ears, and give her a bath with special “I get itchy” shampoo. That’s OK: Bella really needs a bath right now… peee-ewww!

Afterward we dropped off Mr. Kat at work–good–and Bella tried to drive the car–not so good. Bella will have to learn to be a better passenger and not hop in my lap or tie herself in knots in her car harness. (But we just LOOOOOVE Mr. Kat so much, we can’t stand to see him leave!) A quick trip to pick up the laundry, then a walk, and now Pupzilla is resting after her difficult exertions.

Oh, it’s so hard to be a doggy!

Meanwhile, I’d better find a garment printer for those Minion T-shirts….

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  1. Miss Bliss says:

    OH MAH LORD…Bella is too adorable! MINIONS!! YAY!!

  2. Right now we are calling her “Goofy Butt”.

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