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I forgot to note that printing out the manuscripts was somewhat interesting. I needed a total of three copies and you’d think that would be easy–make one copy and then take it to Kinkos and make two more–but it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Out the Door

I just finished printing and boxing the manuscript of POLTERGEIST for shipment to New York. At last! I can’t wait to drop it off and never see the thing again in this form. Its been a beast to get through. … Continue reading

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Funny sort of thanksgiving….

So far it’s been a bit odd. Started OK, though rainy, windy and cold. Had to wait in line for a shower, but that’s not surprising. Got back from the shower to find Hubby washing dishes so I could cook … Continue reading

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Turkey Day (indeed)

Well… it’s that time of year, again, and this time we didn’t even have to dodge the usual invitations to disaster that always come up at Thanksgiving. Instead, we’re staying at home with the ferrets and the cat to have … Continue reading

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The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu

The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu illustrate one of the reasons I’ll never be a parent. (Why do I find this strip funny?) And why Anime is evil.

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The Name of the Wind

My WorldCon acquaintance, Patrick Rothfuss is on the teetering edge of publication. His first novel, The Name of the Wind, will be out in March. I’m so excited for Pat–he’s one of those frighteningly smart guys who can make any … Continue reading

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Two-year olds in lederhosen

Image originally linked to this post has been removed be request of the copyright holder. (Actually it’s terribly cute.) To see the image and associated images, go to:

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About last night….

Damn, that was a fun event. I’m in Luuuurve with Lilith Saintcrow–smart, funny, twisted, talented, gracious… and can that girl write! Damn! Now, most of you know by now I’m an opinionated bitch and a demanding, obnoxious person about writing. … Continue reading

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Stop them before they stitch again!

Thanks to the linkary of the fabulous Lilith Saintcrow, I have found! OMG! This is hilarious–at least to anyone who’s ever had to sew their own–or someone else’s–clothes, costumes… tea cozies…. Last night’s reading/signing debauchery was great, but now … Continue reading

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