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Carry On, Doggle

So… I took the “hundering therd” for a walk today, since it was sunny and pleasant out. Only got about a half-mile done, since it’s heavy work managing the Two Mighty Dogs of Discord and Destruction. We survived, though. And … Continue reading

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New Addition to the Office

Look what moved into the office today: Now I hope to have no excuse for being pudgy and slow.

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Bella Under Blanket

So… Jawa or Jedi?

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Soup Cookery–Tomato

Today I made tomato soup from (almost) scratch. Modified this recipe just a little: I did it on the stove top instead of the crockpot. I didn’t use the additional cheese, and I substituted heavy cream for the milk, since … Continue reading

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Write Bite: M. Todd Gallowglas

I’m experimenting with occasional series of guest blogs here on My Own Personal Grey: Write Bites. These are little bites of observation, experience, advice, and anecdote about writing from selected published writers–including self-published writers because the experience of writing doesn’t … Continue reading

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Trunk Full of Junk

I meant to be productive, but I spent the day finally unpacking all the author copies and putting them on shelves. Then I unpacked 25 years worth of old notebooks, picked a few at random, leafed through them… and returned … Continue reading

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Just an Observation….

Upon occasion, what one most needs is a dirty martini and a good book. Or a good martini and a dirty book. Your call.

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Good or Bad… I Don’t Actually Know

I’m looking for story ideas in my virtual Story Trunk and started re-reading an SF novella from 2002… Some interesting things going on, but I’m having trouble being objective enough to decide if it’s worth re-working. Did I kill off … Continue reading

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Snow Dogs

Bella and Jack are having a snow day! They love snow–it’s too bad it’s so little and will be gone so soon.

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Now, With More DONE!

Well. I’m done. The revision and read-through of REVENANT is complete and the file has been sent to my editor and agent. Now I go to work on short stories, taxes, unpacking the last of my boxes and playing with … Continue reading

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Another Stage Done

Well, the REVENANT revision is now done. Word count rose by 10,000 words–which is a lot–bringing the total for the manuscript to 131,000 words. If my editor has no problem with that, it’ll be the longest Greywalker novel ever to … Continue reading

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