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Do You Know the Way to T-shirts?

Not to give away, to wear. The weather is so lovely right now (79.9F and 10% humidity with a 3-5knot breeze) that I went to get my summer clothes out (finally) and I have almost no t-shirts that still fit … Continue reading

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Recent Pics (to tide you over)

The battle to preserve the “googlie” building that housed the Ballard Denny’s at 15th and Market has been lost irrevocably. Personally I think it looks just as good in this pic as it ever did while still a Denny’s. And … Continue reading

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Here There Be Book Dragons

And they are misbehaving. I suspect I’ll be posting less than my usual sporadic post-schedule until I get Book 4 back on track. Booooo….

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Maybe Not….

According to the Superhero quiz: You are Supergirl Supergirl 70% Spider-Man 65% Green Lantern 65% Wonder Woman 60% The Flash 60% Robin 50% Hulk 50% Catwoman 50% Iron Man 50% Batman 45% Superman 40% Lean, muscular and feminine. Honest and … Continue reading

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Slowpoke me

I just got the postcards addressed and ready to send. It’s a smaller pile than I thought and I still have postage, so if anyone is still wanting one (or some for friends) let me know and I’ll get those … Continue reading

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O Happy Day

OK so… Dentist yesterday, girly-doctor today and everything looks pretty good for this middle aged pudge-girl. So I took the car to the State Inspection Station and it passed first time through with no problems. Then off to the DOL … Continue reading

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Books of Fury!

Do you love books? I’ll bet you don’t love them as much as Buddhist Monkey does in Happy Tree Friends’ Books of Fury. (Warning: cartoon violence and gore.) *Thanks to the evil Jeff (aka: Motorcycle Man, Voice of Sunday Funnies, … Continue reading

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Oh Bloody Hell

The car needs an emissions test before the State will allow me to transfer title and register it in my name. Don’t these people know they are intruding on my revision and writing time? Now I remember why I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Two Strange Things

First: I can no longer say I don’t own a car. After 14.5 years without one, I finally broke down and bought a 16-year-old Toyota so I can manage the groceries and errands for the boat and get to a … Continue reading

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Movement of the Boaty Kind

So… we spent the weekend getting ready for and actually moving the boat to our new slip “on the salt”–that is out on the ocean instead of in the canal. This was a lot more work and horror than one … Continue reading

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I Have a Little List(ing)

It’s official (since it’s now listed at Amazon): Mean Streets will be released January 6, 2009! Preliminary art is really sweet, too. And some additional dates have been added to the Underground Tour, which you can see on my Appearances … Continue reading

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Penguin has made some half-size postcards of the Underground cover and sent me about 4,000 of them. Yes they are red, but they are not foiled. If you’d like one (or a lot), please send me your mailing address at: … Continue reading

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