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Quickie Post

Greywalker mass market proof went off yesterday, so should arrive on time at Roc, but just in case, the Post Awful screws up again, I sent a detailed list of the six, yes only 6! errors I found. I’m so … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek at My Schedule and Others

Well… I’m starting to get things together (with the help of new publicists Roseanne Romanello and Joshua Jason). And I’m currently booked for the following: Norwescon, Seattle WA area, Easter Weekend April 9-12 Pacific  Northwest Writers Conference, Seattle WA area, … Continue reading

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Happy Hour Gets Graphic

Care for a drink? Of course you do. Here, have one of my favorites What… You never had a drink like that before? I’ll bet you have, but you’ve probably never seen its photomicrograph before. The happily insane chemistry folks … Continue reading

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Amers3, where are you?

Looking for you… send me email.

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In Which Our Heroine Worries and Has a Sick Day

Blargh… I have a cold which is making me lose time on the proof–it’s exhausting concentrating on the words and punctuation and the smaller type on the mass market galley forces me to squint even with my reading glasses on, … Continue reading

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Maybe a Movie…? (not mine, don’t get excited)

It appears that my agency-buddy Jim C. Hines is on the way to Harry Potter style stardom… or not. Seems the press has gotten the idea that a movie is going to be made based on is new (and very … Continue reading

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Poltergeist ist auf dem losen in Deutschland!

That is to say… while I wasn’t paying attention, the German translation of Poltergeist was released in Germany the first of December. So far it’s getting better reviews than Greywalker and the plans for release of Underground in German are … Continue reading

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E-ARCs for Caitlin Kittredge’s latest (and terrific) new book!

If you’re a reviewer, you might want to check this out: Tor, Caitlin Kittredge’s publisher, is making electronic ARCs available for advance review on blogs. If you’re a blogging reviewer, you can read Caitlin’s upcoming new series-starter STREET MAGIC before … Continue reading

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Mean Streets Contest Winners

Winners are up at the Greywalker forum for signed copies of Mean Streets! Go check it out to see if you’re one of the lucky 6!

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So… today we helped Cherie and Aric move to their new apartment.  It went pretty quick and easy and we got pizza!  But I fell going up the steps and skinned my knees.  I realize I’m horrendously out of shape … Continue reading

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Happy Bookness!

First off, huge congrats to my fellow Team Seattle writer Richelle Mead for remaining on the NYT Bestseller list with her new Vampire Academy book, SHADOW KISS. This is week 2 for her on the highly competitive Children’s Series list. … Continue reading

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Reminder and Official Note

OK, so… today and tomorrow are the last days for the MEAN STREETS favorite character contest at the Greywalker forum. And I have received and returned my official invite and contract for Dragon*Con! So I’ll be in Atlanta Labor Day … Continue reading

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