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Weasel Squad!

Apparently a crack Weasel Squad on Standby for Greek Mission may have made the tiny island of Lemnos safe for mankind–or not–but certainly unsafe for rampaging rabbits. Couldn’t find out if the German Weasels ever landed, though. Still, it’s amusing. … Continue reading

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Sprechen Sie “Vertrag”?

(Do you speak “contract”?) The replacement copies of the German contracts arrived yesterday and went back out today. I was pleased to note that no changes were made to dates or details, so the translation is still on a 24-month … Continue reading

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Newbie Author Tip #1–buy the book

(or Things I Wish They’d Told Me Earlier) Once you have a book in print (assuming it is in print from a regular publisher and not a self-published or subsidy published job), buy a case of your own book. But … Continue reading

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Polar bear cuteness!

A friend (thanks Dave!) sent me the link to this slide show of the Berlin zoo’s baby Knute. I hate to be a big, gushy girl about this, but he is sooooo cute. Apparently mama bear abandoned Knute after he … Continue reading

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All the job

To quote my favorite critter in Warcraft: “Job’s done! hr hr hr!” The corrected Poltergeist galley proofs went into the mail this afternoon, haeaded back to New York. It’s now, officially, out of my hands. Bye-bye, proof! (hurray!) And now… … Continue reading

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So a Writer Walks Into a Bar…

Welcome to a Crimespace blog article in which the lovely and talented Cornelia Read tells jokes about writers. This woman is so evil. I’m in love and totally embarrassed to realize I met her at Bouchercon with Jeri Westerson and … Continue reading

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Received an offer through my agent today for Romanian translation rights to Greywalker. Kind of odd, but I’m not stupid; I said “yes.” I’m perversely amused that various language rights requests come trickling in from unexpected places while we’re still … Continue reading

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Half the job

I’m half-way through with the final proofs on Poltergeist. I don’t feel so enthusiastic about the whole thing at the moment as I did a few months ago, so it seems odd to be expending such fine-grained attention on this, … Continue reading

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Octopus Eats Ferret!

Well… no, not really. This is pretty cheesy, but I think it’s funny. Ferret in Octopus: 1.2MB Quicktime or 2.9MB Mpeg. Thus do we amuse ourselves at our pets’ expense….

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Something fishy….

OK, you have to go look at Cherie Priest’s fish. No, really. See… Cherie has this fish and he’s in the bowl and… oh just go look: Nervous Betta. No wonder Howard’s nervous!

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