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Goodbye 2011… y’bastard

This is incredibly long so if you don’t want to read it I’ll understand…. Well, 2011 is going out with an apologetic giggle and a pratfall–which is much better than the a lot of the year has been. Ah… my … Continue reading

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SEAWITCH first draft is…

All done! The SEAWITCH manuscript is complete (96,676 words including prologue and epilogue), spell-checked, and sent to my editor, her assistant, and my agent. Of course, they’re out of town, but I did my end. (And I’ve finally Finished My … Continue reading

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WIP update

Hit 95,000 words just a few minutes ago… The body of SEAWITCH is done. Now I just need the Epilogue, Prologue, and spell check and it’s gone! My ass has gone square, sore, and flat from sitting on this hard … Continue reading

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Of Rum, Winter, and Wild-ass Insanity

I have just been refreshing my memory about the Battle of Trenton December 26th 1776–you know the famous “Washington Crossing the Delaware” thing? It’s a freaking miracle they made it: It’s mid-winter and one of the coldest the Americans have … Continue reading

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Oh Tannen Bomb

I know it’s considered not cool, but I kind of like the whole Christmas/Hannukah/KwanzuSoltimas thing. People are all excited and there are nifty decorations and everything smells good–even the bums have a piney-fresh scent. It’s also when you can get … Continue reading

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Bad Heater! No Waffles!

Oh today is not so happy as yesterday: refurbished heating system threw some kind of strange fit at 3:30 a.m. this morning and fired off the boiler continually for half an hour–very noisily–raising the temp in the boat to about … Continue reading

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The Current State of the Kat….

I’m slightly drunk and very tired…. I should be working, but am thinking: “I could take an antihistamine and go to bed… yeah….” And I am feeling a bit strange about the things I’m writing…. This is going to be … Continue reading

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Just in Time for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again when a bookworm’s mind turn to thoughts of “what nifty gifts will I get for the holidays?” If you want signed copies of any of my books for your gift-giving needs, you can order … Continue reading

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Still more Mom updates….

Mom’s surgery went well, but she’s still in recovery so I don’t yet know anything else. More as I do. Meanwhile, heading back to the hospital to see her when she wakes up.

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On Sexual Harassment

As always, my friend Jim Hines says everything I wish I’d said about an important issue well before I managed to say anything at all. Be a Mensch: go read this post on Standing up to Sexual Harassment.

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Call Me “Mistress”

I’m thrilled out of my mind to find an Amazon review of Downpour that calls me “an arch-mistress of weird.” Yes, I love this title. Thank you, RK Lindh-Wilson!

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