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Greywalker Hunt!

Hey, fiends! Greywalker mass market (the standard small paperback) will be officially released on Tuesday (June 2). It’s already out in a few places, but to make this fair for those who don’t have access to places that shelve books … Continue reading

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OK, I give in: I have a Twitter account. Happy now? :p

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Bugnuts at Bitten

Things are just a bit nutty over at Bitten By Books, where the silliness will continue until midnight with–oo!–prizes and more strange replies to questions from lil’ ol’ me. Also, I’m updating the main website, so there should be a … Continue reading

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Considerate Signage

Good advice, in general, even if you aren’t using the diaper changing station: (spotted in a Fred Meyer washroom just before Mother’s Day)

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Blithering in Public–with Prizes!

I’m going to be doing a day-long interactive interview and Q&A at Bitten By Books tomorrow (Thursday, May 28). Five lucky people get an Amazon gift certificate and a puzzle! Be there or be… umm… haunted.

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Tour Addenda

How could I forget? I’m also going to be at Dragon*con in Atlanta Georgia over Labor Day weekend! W00t!

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Trying to be Absent

I’m trying to spend less time online and more working. Book 5 is a bit behind. I know it’s not due until October 1, but August has just become The Busiest Month of My Life, so I’m trying to get … Continue reading

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more writing icons

All right, more cat-vacuuming… errr… LJ/Dreamwidth icons about writing (notice a theme here…?) Feel free to grab what you like, send them to friends, change them, whatever. I only ask that you not hotlink, since bandwidth is narrow here. These … Continue reading

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writing icons

so.. I couldn’t find any writer/writing icons for the Live Journal that I liked, so I made some (feel free to take if you like, but please don’t hotlink–my ISP is tiny): I’m working on a few more, but basically … Continue reading

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So, today’s first order of business was laundry and then finding accommodations for Saturday night. Both accomplished! Then a bit of research on the area so I can optimize our time there (oh, hello, Upper Valley Museum…). Heading out early … Continue reading

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Trotting Off

Today is an Author Day for me: I’m meeting up with some fans this afternoon at Seattle Mystery Bookshop, then off to dine/coffee with them, and then an evening at the Pike Brewing Company Pub with Charles Stross and whoever … Continue reading

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Pretty Nature Stuff

So, finally a few pictures from my ramble on the hill at Golden Gardens. Even though the beach and marsh are the famous part, the area on the hill below Loyal Heights bluff and the dog park are utterly gorgeous … Continue reading

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