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One last fuckover–I hope….

Sooo… I finished the damned thing and emailed it to: my 2 editors, my 2 agents, my 3 “special” readers who won’t forgive me if I don’t. And none of them got it. Looks like Comcast in their infinite Whiz-Dumb … Continue reading

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Done! for now….

At last! I just spellchecked and sent the first draft of VANISHED, Greywalker #4, to my editors and agents for review and revision. It’s a bit short at 88,200 words and I know I didn’t get some of it right, … Continue reading

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Like a Kick to the Gut

Dexter, our dear old ferret, is no more.  We went to the vet this morning for his usual shot, but his condition had so badly deteriorated that it was pointless.  Lots of medical discussion later, I had to decide if … Continue reading

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Nearly Done

I’m within two chapters and an epilogue of done with VANISHED–the fourth Greywalker novel.  This is a good thing: it’s due by Friday. A lot has happened to Harper and to me since I started on this book in May.  … Continue reading

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Lunch! And other adventures

As I’m sure you’ve noticed from the other TS blog postings, some of us descended on Downtown Seattle yesterday to lunch with YA author Carrie Ryan (she soon to be famous for The Forest of Hands and Teeth–remember that name!) … Continue reading

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What Meme Through Yonder Window Breaks…?

It is passed to me by the fair (and much healthier) Mitchy ! That on seeing Shakespeare herein quoted, thou shoulds’t go forth and do likewise. Thus herewith I give thee Petruchio and Kate from The Taming of the Shrew: … Continue reading

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“Eighteen inches, Mammy!”

In service to all of you with a Steampunk bent (or Goth or Victoriana or… well, whatever) my friend Eleanor “Ellenoir” has some new corset pics up on her site: Ellenoir | Styles. I’m saving my pennies for some swank … Continue reading

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Yak Yak

Soo… Saturday the girly contingent of Team Seattle went to Hugo House here in Seattle to talk about Horror and Fantasy elements in Mystery stories (or as I called it to a friend “Wild Women Talking About Creepy Shit.) Things … Continue reading

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SciFi Wired

A while back I talked to a reporter from SciFi Wire–’s news column. I had wondered what became of the mini-view but since my publicist, Valerie Cotez, had left Penguin, the information fell through the cracks. Luckily, Richelle Mead found … Continue reading

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Finally Bouchercon!

Yeah… I’m slow. So here at last is the LOOOOONG blog about Bouchercon (World Mystery Convention) in Baltimore earlier this month.  Look below the cut for all the fab photos and nifty commentary.

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Up to No Good

Tomorrow night at Richard Hugo House in Seattle, Richelle Mead, Caitlin Kittredge, Cherie Priest and I will be talking about mixing Mystery with Horror and Dark Fantasy elements for the Pacific Northwest chapter of the Mystery Writers of America ($5 … Continue reading

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OMG OMG OMG!! Wolfsbane and Mistletoe made the NYT extended list! We’re #31! I’ve never been in anything that made the NYT list, extended or not! SQUEEE! (see Kat: see Kat flail away madly in pure glee!)

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