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Three Things, They Say…

… Make a blog post. So here are my three today: First, the Murder and Mayhem in Muskego anthology can now be purchase via Barnes and Noble and Amazon. So you have no excuse not to get one. For Giftmas! … Continue reading

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Doggy in Need, ARC for Auction

A friend of mine is helping raise funds to pay for surgery for Tally the foster Rotty. (Isn’t she adorable?) And I’ve put up the only ARC of SEAWITCH that I have left (I only got 4.) It’s signed and … Continue reading

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A Dog Takes Up Residence

It appears that I’ve adopted a dog. Well, and Mr. Kat too, because while I’m obviously Numero Uno, I’m going to need a little help. Remember the dog that appears in Underground… the pit-bull mix which accidentally got named after … Continue reading

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You Otter Be in Pictures….

This dude dropped by the dock today. He was cheeky enough to let me photograph him, but he didn’t put up with me for long, so the video is pretty short….

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Gratuitous Ferret Pix

Time for bathing beauty! Taz haz taken a bath (see pix under cut):

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Rare Critter Revealed to be Working for the NSA!

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Legalize Ferret Videos

As you guys know, I’m an advocate of legalizing ferrets in California. I used to live there and as someone who travels a lot these days, I’d like to be able to take my pets with me on some of … Continue reading

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Pot Full o’ Ferret

Richelle Mead sent me a link to this: . It made me laugh after many hours chasing English hotels. hehe. Some funny, funny folks over there at I Can Haz Cheezburger….

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Thirty Minutes in Africa

Our friends Mike and Chris have just returned from a month in Africa! If you have about 30 minutes, you can watch their slide show of The Yaks in Africa! I like the diving hippo and the baby elephant who … Continue reading

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Ron Weasling and the Philosophers Bonehead

Yes, I’m a bad person and I love ferrets so when I ran across WeaselTrek and found this I had to laugh and inflict it on the rest of you: Check out the rest of the Ron Weasling stories in … Continue reading

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A Cat of a Different Color

In contrast to Spain who is lovely and quite sweet, I present my cat (who is not). He is 19. He is the most cantankerous cat in Ballard–which is going a long way, considering that this is an industrial district … Continue reading

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Hot Fuzzies!

Just a sudden impulse to be horribly cute–no relation to the recent film starring Simon Pegg. I give you pics of the ferrets trying to beat the heat: First they try the shelter method, but the paper bags seem to … Continue reading

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