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Last event this year

This Friday will be my last author appearance for this year. I’ll be at the University Bookstore in Seattle (the one on University Way) at 7 p.m. for a reading and signing with fellow Northwest paranormal writer Lilith Saintcrow whose … Continue reading

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From the Hallowe’en Archive

Because I’m swamped (and lazy) I am not writing a new Hallowe’en piece as I often have done on the main site. Instead, I am resurrecting an old one from the Kat Litter archives: Halloween Doggerel from 2002. Dig around … Continue reading

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We Was Framed!

Must be California: the ferrets are in jail. (Actually, these are two of our ferrets, Fidget and Dexter, several years ago. They’ve never been arrested–that we know of.) Can you believe such cuteness is illegal in California?  Luckily, we live … Continue reading

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A small complaint

The bad thing about this novelist gig is that I don’t seem to have a brain for anything else, right now.

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HOW many?

My publisher is thinking about a third printing. “What,” you say? Me, too. I didn’t evn know there was a second printing, but it appears that the strange glitch of Ingram running out of books was a lack of books … Continue reading

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I’m off to Surrey, BC, tomorrow for the Surrey International Writers Conference. Compared to the PNWA conference or the last couple of genre conferences I’ve been to (WorldCon and Bouchercon) it’s small, but it should be fun. A chance to … Continue reading

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Bike Lust!

Oo! I want one: Ninja® 650R : Detail View. Although I do think the black and silver models for 2006 were a little sexier. I admit it, I have a thing for twin-cylinder bikes. I love my Honda VTR, but … Continue reading

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Sold out?

This is strange. Apparently Ingram, the major book distributor in the US, sold out of Greywalker last week. So, some of the big stores are having trouble getting more copies of the book. As a result, it’s easier to find … Continue reading

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Another interview

The talented Lynda Hilburn interviewed me for her blog: Paranormality: First Sale Stories: Kat Richardson, “Greywalker”.  If this sort of thing keeps on, I’ll need a separate box to carry my ridiculously enlarged head in.

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Drat that Dictionary

My word processor has suddenly decided that it does not like the way I spell “grey” and has taken to automatically changing it to “gray.” This is a small quirk that it has only recently developed and I don’t like … Continue reading

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Publication Timeline

Because people keep asking “how long did it take you to write/publish” Greywalker, I’ve posted a complete publication cycle timeline at the Kat Litter section of my main website. Some of it’s just plain strange. Eventually, it’ll have to move … Continue reading

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One hell of a weekend

Without even drinking! Signing at Seattle Mystery Bookshop went well and, my agent will be happy to know, I went out and hunted up my book in a few other shops around downtown and signed those. I also got to … Continue reading

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