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Fit-check word before opening mouth

My adorable fiend friend John P of RAM posted this link to library_mofo: Why Spell Check is your Friend. Should perhaps have been titled “Why Spell Check is NOT your Friend” since my spell checker includes lovely terms like “anal” … Continue reading

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Birthday card

My parents-in-law sent me a birthday card (thanks you guys–no seriously, it was perfect!) which appears to be haunted. I arrived at the mail box place yesterday and found a note to come pick up something from the office, so … Continue reading

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Poltergeist’s first review

Whoohoo! Poltergeist has its first review at Don D’Amassa’s Fantasy Reviews page. OK, the man ain’t turning hand springs and calling me the next Phil Dick or Raymond Chandler, but coming from a famously hardnosed reviewer, “…let’s hope Harper Blaine … Continue reading

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Getting Medieval : A Book Deal!

No, not mine. I’m thoroughly, goofily happy for my friend and fellow JABberwockian, Jeri Westerson who has finally landed the big fish: A Book Deal! With St. Martin’s no less. For her very excellent medieval noir detective novel Veil of … Continue reading

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Mold’s Nemesis

Boats tend to be mildewy–especially in the Pacific Northwest, but my snuffling and sinus headaches have motivated me to Do Something About It and Destroy All Mold (in the boat, that is.) And so today I began my campaign. I … Continue reading

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Cat vacuuming

If you’re not a denizen of rec.arts.sf.composition, you may not be familiar with the term “cat vaccuming,” which means “avoiding writing/working by finding trivial things that seem like work to do instead” (like washing dishes or, well… vacuuming the cat.) … Continue reading

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Spammers are evil

I am most unhappy.  Someone has started using my domains as “from” addresses on spam.  As a result, my hosting ISP is being inundated with bounced spam that never came from me, but it’s all going into my inbox.  This … Continue reading

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Blargh. Migraines reduce productivity.  A lot.

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Back into the swing for a day….

Just relieved to have made progress at last.  Adjusted the first 9,500 words to reflect the finalized outline, then wrote 2,000 new words.  Had hoped for more but will take what I can get. Wednesday is going to be a … Continue reading

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Another fabulous author night

Hehehe…. Charlaine Harris makes me laugh–and a roomful of fans too. Yet another example of a writer who gives great public appearances. Really charming, funny, and gracious and makes you feel like she’s really happy you came to see her … Continue reading

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Talking back to Charlaine Harris

Hohoho. After all the frustrations and nastiness of recent days, a wonderful, warm spark has been lit by the reliably delightful Charlaine Harris, who is in town for a book signing tomorrow at University Book Store, Seattle Washington. OK, I’m … Continue reading

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Bad news

A good friend, who was the fiance of another good friend, died on Wednesday.  We learned of this yesterday.  Things are a little weird here, now.

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